Print or email invoices at the touch of a button!

Sales LedgerTypically, it is the role of the Accounts Department to produce invoices to be sent to clients periodically – either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The OrderWise Invoicing module provides this business-critical functionality and delivers it in a simple, controlled and user-friendly manner. Invoices and Credit notes can be printed directly on to plain paper and can include your colour business logo, quality marks and other business graphics.  The simple to use layout editor allows invoices to be specifically tailored to the needs of the business both in terms of design and the information included.  This makes each and every document produced from OrderWise Invoicing not only an eye-catching document, but also a reflection of the overall quality of the business.

Invoices generated and passed to Accounts in one click

Furthermore, if you are using the OrderWise Accounts module or an accounts package such as Sage, QuickBooks or Access Dimensions, OrderWise Invoicing can pass the invoice and credit information directly to your accounts package – eliminating the need to re-key the details. Other details such as new or edited customers, new or edited suppliers, payments on accounts, EPOS transactions, purchase invoices and balances can also be passed through to OrderWise Accounts or your chosen accounts software; again, this is all achieved at the touch of a button.

Complete Flexibility To Determine How Invoices Are Generated

Every business knows that sometimes in order to win business you have to accommodate customer requests. Sometimes some customers want an invoice that reflects the goods delivered on a specific delivery note, whilst some want an invoice for the complete order when all goods have been delivered. In more complex situations, some customers want an invoice for all the goods they have received in a specific week or month. With OrderWise, businesses are provided with the functionality to set customer invoicing frequency and amalgamation methods, allowing all these situations and more to be easily managed!

Each customer account within OrderWise can be set up with that particular customer’s invoice preferences. This means that every time an invoice run is made, OrderWise automatically creates the invoice as per the customer’s request. This means it will be approved and paid quicker, improving business cash flow as a result. Of course, if a client misplaces an invoice or credit, a print or email copy can be sent to them too!

With one-click posting and an intuitive interface that enables users to complete routine tasks quicker and easier, OrderWise Invoicing is a fast, reliable system that enables businesses to generate and post invoices in the most effective way possible.

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