eCommerce Deals

Simpler and more profitable control of stock used for online offers.

optionsOrderWise eCommerce Deals is the perfect partner for businesses trading through marketplaces such as Groupon, eBay, Amazon or just simply looking to shift end-of-line or one off items, enabling businesses to easily set up and manage deals across their online sales channels.

eCommerce deals is used in-conjunction with the OrderWise eCommerce module and integration with your online sales channels, allowing a series of items to be sold using one deal code when online orders are imported. The eCommerce deals feature can be fully tailored to meet business requirements, giving businesses full control over the items that can be used in the deal, the quantities available, the start/end dates for when the deal should be applied and through which online sales channels they will run.

With eCommerce deals, companies are provided with a structured management system for efficient, organised handling of online offers across multiple channels, allowing sales volumes to be increased, stock to be used more profitably and deals to be effectively managed.


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