Mobile WMS Devices – Warehouse Management

Large Image for WebsiteA Handheld Warehouse Management Solution

As well as functionality to ensure orders are always fulfilled as quickly and as accurately as possible, OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices also have an extensive suite of mobile software to enable staff to conduct their everyday warehouse management tasks as effectively as possible.

Stock Replenishments

Regardless of the size of the warehouse operation, many companies will hold stock of the same item in multiple locations and across multiple bins. When stock is distributed throughout the warehouse in this way, as stock of an item from one bin is depleted, staff can find they are travelling further and further to pick stock for orders, leading to significantly reduced picking speeds.

The OrderWise Mobile Stock Replenishment module has been designed to provide structured management of keeping pick faces topped up from bulk stock bins to allow maximum picking efficiency to continue to be achieved. By making full use of the barcode scanning functionality and up to date information as data is wirelessly synced, pickers are guided by the Mobile Device firstly to pick the required stock via the best walk route, before replenishing into the relevant bins.

Offering great flexibility in terms of use, businesses can not only utilise Stock Replenishments to keep pick faces full but also ensure large quantity orders are picked directly from bulk stock and also fulfil replenishment requirements across multiple warehouses and over mezzanine floors with multiple members of staff completing the task.

Stock Movements

Unrecorded stock movements are a serious problem for many companies. Although movements often take place for legitimate reasons, staff can be pulled away to other tasks before updating systems or simply forget to update altogether. This situation can lead to incorrect audits and stock takes, missed picks, unfulfilled orders, incorrect stock adjustments and ultimately wasted time. By using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices to move stock, systems can be quickly and seamlessly updated over Wi-Fi, eliminating unrecorded stock movements and the costs incurred as a result.

Stock Take

Annual or rolling stock takes are a necessity for every business and the OrderWise main application has a host of features to help businesses meet their stock take requirements both accurately and efficiently, with as little disruption as possible. By removing the paper trail and re-keying of information along with validation of the item being counted, OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices provide an even faster, more flexible tool for managing stock takes. Users can be assigned either the entire stock take or part of it before simply scanning and entering the quantity with updates being sent back by Wi-Fi to the main system.

Stock Put stock control systemAway

The Mobile Put Away module is for companies that use a specific location or bin to initially book stock into, enabling them to quickly receive goods and get them booked onto their system, before then moving the stock from this holding location into the correct bins within their warehouse. Managing goods receipt in this way provides more structure and enables the whole process to be efficiently handled, making stock quickly available for picking and despatch, whilst also ensuring full batch and serial traceability is correctly recorded.


Stock Adjustments

OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices also allow users to quickly process stock adjustments as and when they are identified. With Mobile Stock Adjustments, businesses can ensure accurate and fully traceable stock records are always maintained.

Streamlined Stock Management With GS1 Barcode Technology

Where there is a requirement for product traceability to be recorded, businesses are able to make the most of the GS1 barcode support on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices to increase accuracy and achieve huge time savings in their operations. Instead of having to scan or record several pieces of information separately, GS1 barcodes allow key details such as a product’s EAN code, serial number, batch number, expiry date and quantity to bGS1-Logoe seamlessly populated into the relevant fields on a Mobile Device user’s screen with just one simple press of a button. This can help businesses to massively reduce stock handling times, cut stock taking times in half and dramatically increase the speed at which everyday warehouse tasks are completed.

Other Functions

With additional modules to check, move and empty bins, see all bins that contain a certain item by using the variant check option and extensive functionality to manage the booking in, picking and shipping of stock, OrderWise Mobile WMS Device users have everything they need to complete their everyday warehouse management tasks in a highly accurate and streamlined manner. By using these revolutionary Mobile WMS Devices, businesses can help to eliminate almost all paper documents used within their warehouse as well as further improving the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of all their standard tasks and procedures.

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