Data Import/Export

Data Import and ExportAlthough OrderWise is a fully integrated end-to-end business management solution that enables data to be seamlessly and accurately transferred between departments, we understand that there are still occasions where businesses need to get key information in to and out of OrderWise. In addition to providing functionality to manage integration with websites, marketplaces, EDI providers, Mobile Sales handled via our Mobile WMS Devices and much more, the OrderWise eCommerce module can also facilitate the automation of many other data import and export requirements from OrderWise. Whether businesses need to be able to pass data between OrderWise and third party systems such as fulfilment providers, import stock feeds from suppliers, export data to customers or streamline the import of orders provided from customers or sales agents in formats such as .CSV, the OrderWise eCommerce module can provide an efficient, accurate and simple solution. The OrderWise team will work thorough the data import and export specification to ensure file formats, data structure and field mapping requirements are met. Once finalised the powerful eCommerce module can then be utilised to fully automate the import/export process. Whether grabbing from or uploading data to an .FTP location, specific server folder location or a range of other import or export points, manual interaction is eliminated and relevant data within OrderWise can be updated, new orders created along with a wide range of other possible actions without anyone lifting a finger.

With such a wide and varied range of import/export options possible on top of established website, marketplace and EDI integrations, the flexibility and versatility of OrderWise is ideally positioned to meet even the most diverse of business requirements.

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