Customer relations

Customer Relations Overview

With excellent service often walking hand in hand with greater profitability and success, it is vital for businesses to strive to build and maintain strong relationships with their customer base. With OrderWise, businesses are provided with a wide range of modules and features that combine together into a comprehensive suite of software to effectively manage customer relationships and maximise sales opportunities. Whether using our CRM system for managing customer interactions and handling sales opportunities, our Telephony and Postcode Integrations that make contacting and finding customers much simpler, creating accurate and targeted campaigns using the revolutionary Marketing module, or gaining detailed business insight from a range of Business Intelligence modules, OrderWise is purpose built for progressing customers from the point of enquiry through to a successful close. Not only that, but OrderWise ensures that maximum commercial advantage is always gained along the way.



Effectively manage new enquiries, customer account contact, all sales opportunities and general interactions with clients with OrderWise Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). With OrderWise CRM, businesses are able to fully customise opportunity details and tasks to suit their requirements, manage their staff’s time through diary and pipeline management, integrate with Microsoft Outlook and CreditSafe, as well as obtain easy access to an entire history of customer conversations to use for sales advantage. A comprehensive management suite, available both in-system and on the OrderWise mobile app, OrderWise CRM gives sales staff the tools they need to provide excellent service that ensures clients return again and again, while also providing managers with full insight into the company’s sales pipeline.

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Seamlessly set up and run marketing campaigns directed to targeted contacts from directly within OrderWise. Reduce the time spent shifting data and focus solely on converting campaign results into sales revenue, along with functionality to work seamlessly with CRM, Business Intelligence and more for a comprehensive suite of Sales and Marketing software. With OrderWise Marketing, businesses can successfully enhance brand recognition and promote products effectively through faster, simpler campaign management, helping to transform one-time buyers into long-term, profitable customer relationships.

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Contact Manager

Ensure amicable relationships are maintained with both customers and suppliers and easily manage inter-department interactions with OrderWise Contact Manager. With functionality to manage customer and supplier follow ups, integrate with Microsoft Outlook and build a fully auditable log of all internal and external communications, OrderWise Contact Manager is perfect for companies looking for simple management of their business relationships.

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Telephony Integration

Use OrderWise TAPI (Telephony Application Program Interface) integration with our CRM system and gain the ability to call clients with one simple click within OrderWise, alert staff when they have incoming calls, automatically open customer records and more.

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Postcode Integration

Ideal for use with OrderWise CRM, our Postcode Integration allows businesses to find both customer and supplier addresses simply and efficiently, automatically entering the right addresses to help streamline the process of adding these details.

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