CRMOrderWise CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) enables businesses to target the right customers at the right time to build stronger and more profitable relationships

Successful businesses are customer focused and need to effectively manage every interaction from marketing to prospect creation, sales conversion to account management, customer service, contract maintenance and more. The difficulty comes when these marketing, sales and customer service activities are fragmented across the business leaving staff without the information, workflow or control they need to ensure positive outcomes are achieved.

Easy to set up, OrderWise Customer Relationship Manager can be tailored to match individual business needs and adapt to changing requirements. Processes to meet the needs of each role can be configured to ensure the right information is captured and prescribed workflows are followed.

From Enquiry To Order & Beyond

By providing sales staff with a central source of information, OrderWise CRM enables objectives to be achieved effectively and efficiently. Workflow, task, diary and pipleline management tools focus staff on who they should contact, when and why, enabling opportunities to be prioritised for maximum success.

CRM 2OrderWise CRM is integrated with the main OrderWise system providing staff with access to stock, pricing and manufacturing details along with quote, order and opportunity history. Quote conversion or order creation takes seconds with details passed directly to relevant areas of OrderWise for rapid fulfilment.

Marketing Evaluation & Targeting

Marketers can gain insight into customer and prospect behaviour with relevant information captured from point of entry, throughout the opportunity to completion. Combined with information from the main OrderWise system this provides an outstanding ability to plan, execute and evaluate marketing campaign success.

Customer Service & Retention

The effort and cost involved in generating customers means it is vital to ensure a long and profitable relationship is maintained. OrderWise CRM provides workflows and handling structure with full visibility of information for swift and effective issue resolution, ensuring no task is overlooked. Regular proactive contact can be managed to maximise customer satisfaction, generate repeat business and drive customer loyalty.

Insight, Analysis & Pipeline Visibility

Invaluable analysis into customer, staff, sales and business activity allows informed strategic decisions to be made with confidence. Individual and team performance can be monitored against targets and SLA’s while the use of OrderWise KPI Dashboards can display real time charts on a range of criteria including pipeline forecasts. Identify customer attrition points, conversion likelihoods and process bottlenecks to achieve true business insight.

Companies requiring simple management, recording and follow up of customer contact activities can look at the OrderWise Contact Manager module.

“OrderWise CRM puts the customer at the centre of your business activities for improved loyalty and more profitable relationships.”

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