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With OrderWise Credit Card Processing (CCP), businesses are provided with the fast, secure and reliable method of validating and processing credit card transactions using either selected Chip & Pin Card terminals or via popular online payment gateways.

Handling all common trading scenarios, OrderWise CCP is built to optimise customer service through safe and speedy payment processing along with ensuring accurate payment reconciliation with transaction and order ID information passed between OrderWise and the payment gateway.

The perfect solution in trade counter and retail environment using Chip & Pin terminals, OrderWise CCP will pass order totals through to the terminal and complete the payment transaction within OrderWise once processed, this speeds up customer service and ensures re-keying errors are eliminated.

Companies using online payment gateways to process their card payments can also benefit from integration with the following providers:-

  • SagePay/SecPay
  • Verifone Vanguard
  • SecurePay
  • Authorize.Net
  • WorldPay

Removing the need for a Chip & Pin terminal, OrderWise CCP will take users directly to the payment gateway’s online portal and populate the order total, customer name and address details leaving just card details to be validated and the payment confirmed. An ideal solution for telesales environments, OrderWise CCP also offers potential savings on Chip & Pin Terminal costs for businesses operating multiple till points.

Even companies using OrderWise Touch Screen EPOS to serve a client have the flexibility to choose between integration with a traditional Chip & Pin Terminal or utilise one of our compatible payment gateway providers to process their card transactions.

Meet PCI Compliance and Manage Delayed Payment Processing with OrderWise Pre-Auth

An additional feature available for OrderWise CCP, Pre-Auth provides businesses with further options for managing card payments through integration with either Verifone Vanguard or SagePay payment gateways.

Many businesses will not want to actually take the payment at the point of order, this could be due to a variety of reasons including availability checks, customer collection or reservation, manufacturing processes or items ordered from suppliers only once an order has been taken to name a few. Often these companies will want to only process the payment upon despatch or collection to avoid refunds and customer service issues.

With strict PCI compliance rules regarding the handling of card details simply storing a customer’s card information for processing later is not an option. Additionally choosing to call the customer at the point of despatch to process payment can cause further delays, not to mention there being no guarantees that funds will then be available for payment to be made.

Pre-Authorisation and delayed payment is a service where the customer’s card payment details and the transaction value is processed at the point of order but payment is not actually taken, merely reserved against the card. Companies can then get the payment processed in full at a later point such as when the order is ready for despatch or availability fully confirmed. The card details are held and managed by the payment gateway provider throughout the payment process just as they are with standard card transactions using OrderWise CCP, enabling secure handling of these transactions and also removing the burden of PCI regulation from the seller.

By using OrderWise Pre-Auths, businesses can cater for more demanding customer payment requirements and ensure sales are always fully maximised.


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