Contact Manager

Keep in touch with customers and stay on top of suppliers. OrderWise Contact Manager enables companies to build and maintain valuable customer and supplier relationships

Maintaining customer contact, following up enquiries, handling customer queries and managing supplier contact are every day staff activities. With customer and supplier relationships at the forefront of business success, managing these tasks in a structured manner, providing staff with access to relevant information and ensuring no task is overlooked can have a significant impact on productivity, customer retention and sales success.

When so much time, effort and money is spent attracting and retaining customers it is vital that every potential opportunity is followed up and queries are handled swiftly. Yet when relying on internal emails, separate systems, hand written notes, messages and memory the likelihood for tasks to be overlooked and conversation history to be lost increases.

OrderWise Contact Manager is fully integrated throughout OrderWise so you can manage customer follow up tasks, their orders and supplier contact requirements in one easy to use system. Using a thread based structure tasks and their history are fully visible, activities can be scheduled and assigned to the appropriate member of staff with outstanding tasks appearing in their To Do list.

Additional features such as the OrderWise Outlook Add-In can further streamline customer and supplier contact tasks enabling automatic creation of Contact Manager records for inbound and outbound email communications and their attachments, retaining a fully auditable and visible trail of all communications.

Maintaining up to the minute awareness of customer or supplier status and requirements is no small feat, but with OrderWise Contact Manager you can feel assured of highly productive staff providing a first rate service to a happy customer base.

Popular Contact Manager features include:

  • Automatically record when customer quotes or supplier price requests are sent and set follow up tasks.
  • Create custom data fields to record, report and analyse data specific to your requirements.
  • Group tasks and entries by type i.e New Enquiry, Follow Up, Chase Price Requests, Scheduled Maintenance etc.
  • Assign tasks to other people or departments.
  • View outstanding customer and supplier tasks by person or department.
  • Record time spent on tasks.
  • Send email directly from CRM.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Record every conversation to provide a detailed, auditable log of communication.
  • Manage order chasing, enquiry escalation, scheduled maintenance, installation and more.

Companies with in depth Customer Relationship Management requirements should look at the OrderWise CRM Module.

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