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Enhance the collective IQ of your business by providing staff with information that can help them drive smarter processes, improve performance, reduce leakage and become more effective. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time so that sales and profitability can be fully maximised is still the everyday goal of businesses. In order to accomplish this goal, companies today require efficient, scalable and easily deployable business intelligence tools. By having the ability to sift through data and come to meaningful conclusions, businesses are able to make informed decisions about what they spend where, whether they need to make changes to policies to reduce spend or where they can negotiate better rates with their suppliers. Existing users will tell you that OrderWise already knows everything about the business it is serving, every sale, every customer, every stock transaction, cost, margin and much more. If used effectively, this wealth of data on all aspects of operations is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. The OrderWise Business Intelligence module provides companies with the tools to unlock the full potential of their business data, making the information that is entered in to OrderWise as part of day to day trading activities work harder, faster and more intelligently than ever before.

Unlock The Sales In Your Business Data

As this information is already stored within OrderWise, businesses can skip the data preparation nightmare, say goodbye to the tedious work of standardizing data before you can even start to analyse it, heading straight to insights and visualisation. Not only that but with OrderWise you can rest assured the trends are highly accurate, arming decision makers – wherever they are – with the key metrics they need to make informed decisions. Furthermore, by combining the valuable preexisting functionality of the Business Intelligence module with the intuitive OrderWise App, users can continue to drill down into in-depth sales insights even when on-the-go. BI Screenshot 2More dynamic than even the most detailed reports, the OrderWise Business Intelligence module allows up to the minute data to be viewed, segmented, filtered and manipulated from a variety of entry points for detailed analysis whether this is viewed in the office, or out on the road when negotiating. Using an intuitive interface, companies can set targets, easily interpret and compare performance between chosen trading periods, drilling down to investigate further at the click of a button. In just seconds staff can spot previously unknown patterns, identify key relationships, address the cause of leakage while still only a drip and uncover information that would otherwise stay hidden.

Combine with CRM and KPI Dashboards for Complete Performance Insight

Companies utilising OrderWise CRM to manage customer contact can quantify the impact of this activity on sales using Business Intelligence, providing clear links between customer interaction and sales performance. Business Intelligence can then be further complimented by the KPI Dashboard module, which provides additional key statistics in a chart format for early identification of trends requiring further investigation at a glance. With this information on hand, companies can easily identify areas to improve, maximise all sales opportunities and increase profitability.

By using OrderWise Business Intelligence, your business can benefit from software that you can always trust to deliver the answers to the people that need them.

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