Bulk Orders & Call Offs

Call off contracts and the drawing down of stock from bulk ordersOrderWise Sales Order Processing software are quite common in a number of industries, including construction and apparel amongst others. Ordering stock in this manner allows businesses to secure supply and negotiate pricing based on this overall requirement yet simply call off stock as and when it is needed. There are many ways of approaching how these bulk orders and call off requirements are handled, however when formal contracts or agreements are in place businesses need to ensure that all aspects of this type of ordering is handled correctly.

Structured Bulk Order & Call Off Handling

Ensuring that customers have the confidence that their agreed pricing is maintained and their call off schedules are met, OrderWise Bulk Orders provides the fast, visible and accurate controls over bulk orders and formal call off contracts that companies processing these type of orders require. With streamlined processing and full visibility of Call Off History including full details of quantities required, sent and awaiting to be sent, businesses using OrderWise Bulk Orders can benefit from efficient running of projects and assurance that all sales opportunities are always fully capitalised.

Choose When To Take Payments With Flexible Payment Processing

OrderWise Bulk Orders provides businesses with the flexibility of taking payments at a time when it is convenient for both them and their customer. There will be occasions where an upfront payment is preferred, which can often be standard practice if it is the customer’s first purchase, the order contains bespoke items or there is a long length of commitment. Handling this is no problem with OrderWise as businesses have the option to take a payment against the Bulk Order itself if required, which can then be reconciled later against the Call Off order invoices.

By using OrderWise to successfully deliver on Bulk Orders and their subsequent Call Off contracts, businesses can provide the high service levels to customers that can greatly strengthen the chance of success with future bulk order opportunities.

Key Features of OrderWise Bulk Orders & Call Offs:

  • Complete Creation and Management of Bulk Orders
  • Mark Sales Order Lines as Bulk Orders
  • Easily Create Call Offs for stock as and when it is required
  • Take Payments upfront or settle them at a later date
  • Raise and Manage Call Off Invoices
  • Allocate Stock for Bulk Orders during creation
  • Create Direct and Back to Back Bulk Orders
  • Keep Track Of Bulk Order Progress With Status Feature
  • Full Order History Available In Call Off History Screen
  • Intelligent Handling Of Purchasing For Bulk Orders
  • Eliminate Potential For Over Supply
  • Forecast Demand For Call Off Requirements
  • Clear Visibility of Information
  • Analysis With Bulk Order Call Off Report
  • & Much More

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