Fast, Wireless Upgrading For OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

Mobile WMS DevicesthumbWith barcode scanning technology now an integral part of effective warehouse operations, OrderWise are leading the way with our hugely popular Mobile WMS Devices which are designed to help businesses manage all daily tasks and processes in the most accurate, efficient and productive way possible.  With such huge speed, capacity and accuracy improvements being achieved by customers already utilising these devices and an incredibly fast return on investment, it is no surprise that many of our existing customers and those looking at OrderWise for the first time are keen to take advantage.  With the demand for these devices ever-increasing, every month our development and testing team are adding new features and enhancements in order to help meet the diverse requirements of our mobile device users. Just this month, a brand new Manufacturing module has been added to help users to massively streamline their works order processes. You can read about this new mobile device module HERE.

With the functionality always expanding and these devices evolving as a result, OrderWise Mobile WMS Device users will often choose to update their mobile software on a regular basis. Previously to install the latest software, users were required to dock their Mobile WMS Device and using a USB port download the new version on to their device. With many businesses now operating these devices and several with over 30, we decided to make the most of the WiFi and 3G capabilities and introduce a highly useful new feature to make this upgrade process faster and simpler.

RP1200_FrontUpgrade screenA Quick & Effective Method Of Upgrading Mobile WMS Devices

Now with version 10.4 of OrderWise, our Mobile WMS Devices can now be upgraded wirelessly, allowing for fast, simple installation of the very latest software. By using the data service and having the relevant system setting activated, these devices will now check to see if the current mobile version of OrderWise installed matches the main system version of OrderWise when the user first logs in to their device. If the mobile version is found to be lower than the main OrderWise system, it will prompt the user to upgrade to the correct mobile version. This will then take the user to a page on the Mobile WMS Device internet browser where they can follow the link provided to install the correct version of OrderWise, along with any prerequisites if required.

This fantastic new feature allows OrderWise customers using these mobile devices to save a massive amount of time when updating these devices with all the latest modules, features and functionality. By being able to upgrade these devices quickly, simply and wirelessly whenever a new version of OrderWise is installed, businesses can ensure that with OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices they have an easy method of keeping up to date with the very latest mobile software and barcode scanning technology.  Existing Mobile WMS Device users will need to be aware that this new feature cannot be utilised until upgrading from v10.4 or above.

For more information on how OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices can help businesses to effectively manage warehouse operations download our brochures or watch our videos.

Existing users can find out full details by visiting the OrderWise Online Shop.

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