Windows Update Affecting Excel Reports

Microsoft-Windows-2-logosThis Wednesday (9th December) Microsoft released an update for Windows which seems to be having an adverse effect on Active X controls, commonly used in custom Excel Reports.

Although nothing official has been released from Microsoft with regards to a fix, if any OrderWise users are experiencing this problem our staff have unearthed a temporary fix that we have tested on several machines with successful results:

  1. Close All Office Programs (Office, Excel, Word, etc.)
  2. Open the AppData Temp folder for Excel for the user.  This is generally found under the below: C:\Users\[]\AppData\Local\Temp\Excel[version]\
  3. Delete or Rename the “MSForms.exd” file stored within – our recommendation is to rename the file e.g. “MSFormsOLD.exd” so that the original file is retained
  4. Reload the excel report which will create a new “MSForms.exd” file with the correct settings.

This should resolve the issue for any Windows users experiencing the issue, but we encourage any customers to email if there are any questions or problems.

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