New One-View Window For CRM Task Activity

CRM thumbAny business will tell you that no two sales opportunities are the same. Some may only require one conversation with a customer before being brought to a close, others may take numerous interactions before they can move forward. This could be due to set procedures requiring certain stages to be completed before opportunities can progress or simply staff unable to communicate with the right people in order to complete the task or get the sale.

In these instances where there could be a lot of activities recorded against the same task, reviewing the information that has been recorded and what has already been discussed can become difficult to navigate. This becomes even more difficult when long buying cycles are in place or information needs to be reviewed months or even years after the event. Trying to remember what has been discussed and review the key information spread over many activities can be like searching for a needle in a haystack!

13516 - Activity GridEasy Access To Information With New CRM Task Activity Grid

Within OrderWise CRM, users already have the option to add, edit or view activity details from the Opportunity screen. However to provide staff with a greater scope of previous task activity, version 10.1 of OrderWise sees the introduction of a new View Activities button to the CRM Opportunity form. Situated below the Task grid, this new button enables users to open the Activity Grid in a separate window where new activities can be added or existing activities edited or viewed for the selected task.

With this new functionality, businesses extensively using OrderWise CRM can now view all their task activity from a one-view window. By being able to see all previous activity for a task, companies can ensure that staff are always kept updated on the progress of sales opportunities so that irrelevant conversations with customers are carefully avoided and staff time is spent productively.

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