A Wealth Of Customer Data Just A Button Click Away

CRMFirst added to OrderWise last November, our Business Intelligence module has been constantly developed throughout its inaugural year and is now an integral part of the OrderWise solution for many of our users. Using the vast knowledge stored within their transactional data, OrderWise Business Intelligence helps companies to easily spot any issues within their sales performance and quickly drill down to find the root of these problems. With a wide array of grids allowing users to tackle their data from every possible angle, the OrderWise Business Intelligence module is purpose-built to help businesses increase their profitability and overall company performance.

One of the key aspects of OrderWise Business Intelligence that makes it such a powerful tool for businesses is how this module combines with the use of OrderWise CRM. Companies utilising OrderWise CRM to manage contact with their customers are able to use the functionality available with Business Intelligence to find clear links between customer interaction and sales performance. For example businesses may find within their Business Intelligence data that sales for a particular customer have dropped as contact has lessened. Having found this information, users will likely want to open a new CRM opportunity and get in contact with the customer in question in order to drive better sales performance. Although managing this is already possible within OrderWise, having even easier access to this wealth of data means businesses can quickly determine which customers need to be targeted before using CRM to follow up and arrange the appropriate contact.

Business Intelligence GuyQuickly Access Business Intelligence Through CRM

Existing functionality within OrderWise already enables businesses to easily access the Customer Business Intelligence Grids from within the Customer List with one click of the relevant button, which you can read about HERE. Now to help streamline Business Intelligence access from within OrderWise CRM, this same functionality has now been replicated for the CRM Customer List in version 10.10 of OrderWise. Now from within the CRM Customer List, users have one-click access to several key grids within Business Intelligence which are populated with the data for the customer the user has selected at that time, with the ability for information to then be further filtered as required.

Thanks to this simple but highly useful new addition, the compatibility between OrderWise CRM and Business Intelligence has been further enhanced, allowing users of both these modules to quickly and conveniently access a wealth of customer information from within the CRM Customer List grid. By having this vital information to hand when it is needed, businesses are able to successfully target customers at the right time and make the most of their sales opportunities.

businessreportingFour New CRM Reports

In addition to this great new feature, four new CRM reports have also been added in version 10.10 of OrderWise. These new reports are:

Opportunities By Assigned User

Opportunities By Assigned User Team

Complete Opportunities By Assigned User

Complete Opportunities By Assigned User Team

With these four new additions, there is now a total of over 200 reports available as standard within OrderWise.

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