Retain Warehouse Stock For Greater Responsiveness With New Store Transfer Buffer

EDIFor businesses with multiple stores it can be a challenge to ensure that there is adequate stock in all stores in order to meet demand. Failure to ensure each store has sufficient stock can result in missed sales and loss of customers to competitors. As such, a robust system is needed in order to manage the effective transfer and replenishment of stock from warehouses to stores.

However, due to store size, location etc. some stores will be busier than others and require topping up with stock more frequently. It could be that some locations are ‘flagship’ stores where there is a higher priority for that store to have certain items in stock, over and above the priority level of other stores. However, if all stores have had stock transferred to them from the same warehouse leaving it without certain items, it could mean that the higher priority stores cannot be instantly replenished as the warehouse may now be waiting on newly purchased stock to arrive.

Amalgamating OrdersEasily Keep On Top Of Stock Demand

With OrderWise, businesses are already provided with an effective method of managing the process of transferring and transporting stock between multiple locations. Providing full visibility of stock as it is moved internally and recording each transaction along with associated costs, companies can simply run the transfer report to easily keep on top of stock demand in each of their stock locations.

Now this month’s release of OrderWise includes a new store transfer buffer added to the Store Management functionality, which allows companies to manage the process of holding back quantities of stock in their warehouse. Facilitated by the ‘store transfer report buffer field’, this enables users to hold back a certain amount of stock when running the transfer report. This means that when the store transfer report distributes stock, the buffer quantity is subtracted from the free stock available to transfer, automatically keeping some stock back for the warehouse.

With the addition of this new feature, companies using OrderWise Store Management can ensure that a set amount of buffer/safety stock will be in the warehouse to meet additional demand as appropriate, making it available for those priority stores when needed.

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