Increase Warehouse Management Efficiency By Choosing When To Scan

Mobile WMS DevicesBarcode scanning technology is well proven to assist businesses in streamlining their warehouse operations, helping companies to drive increased accuracy and speed into each of their daily processes. However it is important that when using this technology, businesses have the necessary control in place to make sure that barcode scanning is used in the correct way. Too often businesses will implement barcode scanners into their warehouse without having the software that allows them to determine how each process and individual item is managed using these devices.

This can be particularly problematic for businesses handling products that greatly vary in size and price as often these will have different requirements when it comes to warehouse processing. For example if an item is of high value, companies may want to ensure that staff are carefully scanning each item when it is being booked in, moved or shipped, so as to reduce the likelihood of stock going missing and therefore losing revenue as a result.

On the flip side if items are of lower value, businesses may not want staff to spend time scanning each item individually as the greater importance is placed on getting the items booked into stock or the order fulfilled as quickly and as accurately as possible. Therefore for businesses managing these situations, it is important to ensure that they have the flexibility to determine exactly how and when individual items need to be scanned so that barcode scanners continue to drive warehouse efficiency rather than occasionally become a hindrance.

Worker on HHT2Revolutionise Your Warehouse Operations With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, businesses are already provided with robust PDA Scanners that come equipped with a full suite of intelligent mobile software. Using these devices, companies can manage all common warehouse activities such as goods in, picking, stock takes, adjustments, replenishments and much more in a fast, accurate and streamlined manner. For more information on these devices, visit this page HERE.

Now in version 11.10 of OrderWise, new functionality has been added that allows users of these devices to now control product scanning at an individual item level. Although there is already the ability for users to determine whether to enforce scan when staff are using goods in, picking, move stock or stock take on Mobile WMS Devices, there is now an additional setting against each individual item where businesses can determine how that specific item is processed.

Fast hht workingDecide The Level Of Control Needed For Warehouse Handling On An Individual Product Basis

If the scan per item on mobile device setting is activated, warehouse staff will be forced to scan each individual item being picked, booked in, moved or checked. If this setting is deactivated, users will simply need to scan an item and then enter the quantity they have collected without needing to scan each one individually.

Thanks to this useful new addition, businesses using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices now have the functionality to determine how and if each item is individually scanned. This allows them to continue to maximise efficiency and control at all times by bypassing the need to scan large quantities of low value items, but also offering the added level of control when high value items need to be more carefully processed.

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