Benefit From Group Structure Visibility With OrderWise Creditsafe Integration

SalesFor businesses trading with multiple customers and suppliers, it is important to have accurate company credit information to allow quick and well informed decisions to be made regarding trade partners. Having access to reliable and accurate company data such as details of adverse CCJs, payment trends, details of directors, credit limits/ratings and financial accounts, means businesses can make important business decisions with confidence.

However, this availability of key information is made more complicated to achieve with modern businesses often operating as part of a bigger group of companies. Without the knowledge or insight of a company’s wider group structure, businesses can find the financial information with which they are presented may be as unreliable, as it will not be providing the full picture. Therefore, in order to prevent poor judgments from being made on the offering of credit terms, B2B traders should strive to ensure they always have full group structure visibility.

Group Structure 350pxGet The Full Financial Picture With Added Creditsafe Integration Into OrderWise

OrderWise customers who have the Creditsafe integration as part of their licence can already access this wealth of valuable company and financial data by accessing these reports from directly within the OrderWise system. Through the scheduled service task, these Creditsafe reports can also be automatically refreshed at set periods, ensuring this information is always kept up-to-date.

Now in version 12.8 of OrderWise, a new enhancement to our Creditsafe Integration allows users of this functionality to now also view a customer’s company group structure.

To make this information easily accessible, a new tab has been added to the Customer Credit Report screen and is labelled ‘Group Structure’. This new tab shows a treeview of the group structure of the companies associated with the searched customer, offering full visibility of those linked. The format used for display in this area is: [Company Name] – [Status (Active or Inactive)] – [Latest key financials date].

With this small but highly useful new addition to our Creditsafe integration, businesses now have even easier access to key financial data and company group structures from within one single business management system.

Existing users can contact the client services team for more information about OrderWise Creditsafe Integration.

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