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Allocation copyMany businesses can often come across situations where demand for an item is much greater than the held stock levels. In these instances it is important for businesses to ensure that the allocation of stock is handled in the most rational and practical way, with stock firstly offered to customers who require the goods more urgently.

Although de-allocation of single items is usually a straight forward process, de-allocation can start to become complicated when orders for multiple high demand items are placed on hold. For businesses that allocate at the point of sale, situations can occur where stock is allocated to an order that is later put on hold, either at the customer’s request or due to account limitations. If the order that has been placed on hold contains a high volume of items all of which require de-allocation, relevant staff need a simple method of handling this process.

On the flip side there may be cases where an order is on hold with payment awaiting clearance. In these instances if the customer is reliable and stock of the goods is limited, the decision may be made to allocate stock to ensure availability once payment has cleared. Therefore it is important for businesses who come across these circumstances that the allocation, de-allocation and re-allocation of stock is handled in the most efficient and effective way possible.

11360 - Ability to see on hold orders in allocation user group settingsEnhanced Management Of Order Allocation

With The OrderWise Allocation Module, users have the ability to easily manage the allocation and de-allocation of stock either by variant or by order. Now a new feature has been added to OrderWise version 9.8 that provides users with the ability to see on hold orders in the allocation module. This functionality can be activated by a new allocation user group setting labelled allow showing of on hold orders in allocation module.

Once enabled, a new tick box will be activated in the allocation form titled show on hold orders. If ticked any on hold orders, that also match the other criteria in the toolbar such as stock location and promised date, will be displayed in the grid to allow allocation and de-allocation of these on hold orders.

With the addition of this new functionality, businesses are provided with the flexibility to easily and effectively manage the allocation and de-allocation of stock for on hold orders. This ensures that stock allocated to these orders can be quickly made available when needed to fulfil other orders, preventing additional stock being ordered unnecessarily and the subsequent costs being incurred.

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