View Back Order History When Raising Sales

OrderWise Sales ModuleMany businesses can at any given moment in time have several back orders awaiting delivery for a customer.  This may be a result of stock being imported from overseas with long lead times, orders being built up for a weekly delivery or simply high demand that caught you short of stock.  Where back orders exist you can often find customers asking the question “have I already got some of these on order?” when they call to place a new order.  If many of your customers are smaller businesses operating manual or basic systems then this can be an extremely common question. By having a system that enables staff to provide quick and accurate answers it saves time, provides great service and builds trust with customers.  While some companies may take the view that if a customer orders more than they need that is their problem, if this ultimately results in unwanted items being returned then costs will be incurred.

10776 - SO Qty on Back Order FieldGreater Visibility To Help Raise Service Levels & Reduce Returns

Within OrderWise, users can already view a list of a customer’s previously sold items that have been fully despatched within the sales order entry screen and also easily view a customers order history and see the status of each order and order line.  However for goods that have been sold but not yet sent, a new feature has now been added in version 9.11 of OrderWise to view customer back order history when raising a new sales order.

This has been facilitated by a new Quantity on back order field that can now be pulled through on to the sales order entry grid. Once added to the grid, as soon as a user starts to add an item to the order the new field will display the combined total of all back orders for the item that have been placed but not yet despatched.

With the addition of this new functionality, OrderWise Sales users are able to save more time and work at greater speed. By having this valuable information on hand when raising new sales orders, businesses can ensure maximum order processing efficiency is achieved, cancelled orders avoided, returned items reduced and excellent customer service provided.

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