Fast Validation of Supplier & Customer VAT Numbers

Invoicing thumbFor any business, carefully managing accounts and ensuring all information is accurate is not just a key requirement but also a legal obligation. Therefore it is vitally important for businesses to have the correct processes in place to check all information before it is entered into accounts systems, ensuring all details are deemed to be right and any repercussions of posting incorrect data are carefully avoided.

However even with the right processes in place, one area in particular that can be difficult for businesses to check is the validity of VAT numbers. Within the EU, these will typically be made up of a two letter country code followed by 8-12 digit numbers. Without having a system in place that is able to quickly identify the validity of these numbers, businesses run the risk of invalid numbers being entered erroneously by staff and these then either having to be rectified at a later date or indeed being missed altogether.

Screen Capture - VAT number validationcroppedQuick Supplier & Customer VAT Number Validation With New Feature

To solve this issue, in version 10.3 of OrderWise users are now able to quickly validate customer and supplier VAT numbers with the official EC VIES VAT number validation service. Once the relevant system settings have been activated, this can be done by simply pressing the validate button found next to the VAT number field in both customer and supplier records. When clicked, the invoice country code and VAT number will be sent to the API for validation with the results displayed in a pop out box. If the number matches one held on the EC VIES VAT database, it will be deemed valid and the individual or company name matched with the number will be displayed.

With this simple but highly useful new feature, all businesses using OrderWise can quickly check and verify that VAT numbers provided by customers and suppliers are valid, allowing errors to be carefully avoided and ensure that accounts are logged correctly.

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