Even More Ways To Utilise GS1 Barcodes With OrderWise

Mobile WMS DevicesthumbOne of the biggest additions to OrderWise so far this year, last month we introduced the capabilities on our Mobile WMS Devices to be able to scan both 1 and 2 dimensional GS1 barcodes. This barcode format is already used by over two million companies around the world as they provide a streamlined method of transferring several different fields of data into a device with single scan. This includes traceability details, which has led to the use of GS1 barcodes becoming common practice within the food and pharmaceutical industries with the NHS supply chain being required to adopt this next year. However any business required to record serial and batch information or those simply looking to increase the efficiency of their warehouse can benefit from using GS1 Barcodes in their daily operations.

Extending the places where GS1 Barcodes can be utilised to further reduce stock handling times as well as a useful new enhancement to identify when one of these barcodes has been scanned, a number of new additions to our GS1 barcode scanning functionality have been made available in version 10.7 of OrderWise.

GS1boxesreplenGS1 Support In Stock Put Away & Stock Replenishments

Since last month, OrderWise Mobile WMS Device users have already been able to reap the benefits of utilising GS1 barcodes in-conjunction with performing tasks using the mobile modules available on these industry-leading, barcode scanning devices. This includes picking stock, booking goods in, performing stock takes, stock adjustments and more. You can read more about this HERE.

Now the ability to perform both Stock Put Away and Stock Replenishments on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices whilst using GS1 barcodes has also been made available. These two mobile modules already allow users to increase warehouse efficiency by keeping pick faces full and putting stock in the rightful bins at the most convenient time. With the addition of GS1 Barcode support to both of these modules, an item’s EAN code, batch number, serial number, expiry date and quantity can now all be recorded with just one single scan of the product’s GS1 barcode. This enables stock replenishments, including two stage stock replenishments, and stock put away tasks to be completed even faster and more accurately than before, allowing a greater level of warehouse productivity to be achieved.

GS1 BarcodesAlternate Sound When Scanning GS1 Barcode

With GS1 barcoding becoming more common, many products can be labelled up with both standard and GS1 barcodes so that both options are available through the supply chain.  This can however mean that the opportunity arises for staff to scan the incorrect barcode format for the task they are performing.  With 1 dimensional GS1 barcodes resembling a long standard barcode, it is easy for warehouse staff to become confused as to which barcode they are scanning if no distinguishable difference is available. Therefore to prevent slower picking and task performance times occurring as a result of this scanning errors, it is important for businesses using GS1 barcodes to clearly alert staff to the type of barcode they have scanned.

Ensuring this is the case for businesses using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices to manage their warehouse operations, a new feature has been added to have an alternate sound play when a GS1 barcode is scanned. Simply activated by a system setting, it enables Mobile WMS Device users to easily determine which barcode has been scanned when there are numerous barcodes available.

By adding further support for GS1 Barcodes throughout the use of OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, businesses using these scanners can benefit from even greater levels of accuracy and further streamlined processing when completing everyday warehouse activities.

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