Update Purchase Order At Goods In with OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

Goods In thumbIdeally the quantity of stock received and booked in from suppliers meets the quantity originally ordered, however over and under receipt of goods is a common issue that can occur during the supply chain. This could happen for a multitude of reasons, suppliers may send higher quantities than originally ordered or the simply be unable to meet demand and only fulfil what can be managed at that time.  While you would always book the received quantity into stock, if this doesn’t match what is on the Purchase order there can be further adjustments they may be needed as a result.

It may be the shortfall is expected on a later delivery, in which case most companies will just book this balance in against the original PO when it arrives, however some companies may only accept the first delivery or be aware that the balance will not follow.  In these circumstances the purchase order will need updating to match the quantity received into stock.

OrderWise Moblie WMS Device Update POEasily And Efficiently Update Purchase Order Quantities Upon Goods Receipt

To help manage this, there is already functionality within the OrderWise main system to update the purchase order quantity at goods in, allowing for over or under receipt and removing the need for users to manually update purchase orders. This highly useful functionality has now been extended in version 9.12 of OrderWise, enabling this feature to also be used in-conjunction with booking in stock on our industry-leading Mobile WMS Devices.  As in the main system this feature is security controlled to ensure only those staff with permissions in place can utilise the functionality.

Users simply tick the box to update the purchase order line quantity with the quantity received and the purchase order will then be updated in the main system once data is synced back. Whether stock is being booked in using the standard Goods In method, Container Goods In or the Despatch Goods In the option will be available.

With this additional enhancement, users can benefit from even greater efficiency and control when booking in purchase orders via OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices. By using this feature on these devices, businesses ensure goods are rapidly booked in to stock, quantities received are accurately declared within the main system and invoices are received for the correct amount supplied.

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