Benefit From Faster Turnaround Of Large Orders With New Goods In Despatch Feature

Warehouse ManagementBusinesses are constantly striving to speed up their order fulfilment, with warehouse managers always on the lookout for new ways to pick and despatch stock as quickly as possible. That said, in many cases companies can benefit from a faster despatch process by simply eliminating the double-handling of goods that are due to be sent out soon after they’ve arrived. Instead of taking the time to put this stock away only for another member of staff to then be assigned to go pick these items, companies should simply get staff to despatch these items as part of the booking in process. However in order to handle this combined goods in and despatch process effectively, businesses should ensure they have the necessary structure in place to handle this both accurately and efficiently.

Already providing the functionality to correctly manage this process is OrderWise Goods In Despatch. Available both within the main OrderWise system and on our Mobile WMS Devices, this fantastic module enables users to handle the quick turnaround of orders in a precise, streamlined fashion by booking in and despatching stock all in one single motion. Now an enhancement has been made to this software in version 11.8 of OrderWise that enables even faster processing of stock when using this module in the main OrderWise system.

Warehouse staffEliminate Double-Handling & Speed Up Fulfilment With OrderWise Goods In Despatch

Previously when using Goods In Despatch, a lock would be put on the purchase order until all stock had been booked in, allowing staff to temporarily put stock in a Goods In Despatch Bin before then progressing through to the ship screen. However in order to make Goods In Despatch even slicker and more flexible, users are now able to choose whether or not this lock is applied by either activating or keeping deactivated the relevant option within system settings. By having the ability to bypass this lock, this gives businesses processing large purchase orders the freedom to have one member of staff booking in the order, putting it in the Goods In Despatch bin and then other staff taking them out as and when they are booked into stock to then ship.

With this highly beneficial new enhancement, businesses using in-system Goods In Despatch can further speed up their fulfilment through streamlined handling of this process when large orders are received. What’s more by using OrderWise to despatch goods at the point of arrival, businesses can eliminate double handling of stock, saving both time and costs in the process.

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