Even Faster Order Turnaround As Goods In Despatch Arrives In-System

Warehouse ManagementIn fast-paced warehouse environments, finding the best way to manage stock leaving as quickly as it arrives can be difficult for many businesses. Whether it is stock that was ordered in specifically for a customer or stock allocated to fulfil sales demand while in transit, companies will be always be looking to ensure that these goods are quickly turned around at arrival so that customer orders can be shipped at their earliest opportunity. However in a lot of cases, businesses handling these fast-moving items simply do not have the right structured processes in place to help themselves manage this rapid turnaround of stock effectively.

The problem is that many businesses who will process items that will only be in their warehouse for a short space of time will often fall into the trap of excessively handling stock. In many cases, goods will be booked into stock and then put back on shelves, only for a member of staff to then be sent to pick these items and prepare them for despatch. Even in instances where orders may be waiting for other supplier deliveries before the full order can be shipped, it is still likely these sales will be quickly fulfilled after the initial goods have arrived into the warehouse. Therefore in order to manage these situations effectively, it makes sense for businesses to send stock out immediately following goods receipt. Although in order to book stock in efficiently and still keep errors to a minimum, it is important that this quick turnaround is handled in an accurate, structured manner.

Despatch Goods InDespatch At Point Of Stock Arrival With OrderWise

Already providing the functionality to manage these situations is our Mobile WMS Devices through the OrderWise Goods In Despatch module. This mobile module enables users to handle the quick turnaround of orders in an efficient, accurate and streamlined fashion by booking in and despatching stock all in one single motion. For even further efficiency, businesses can also utilise the GS1 barcode scanning technology on these mobile devices to generate even faster order turnaround at the point of stock arrival.

Now extending this highly useful functionality, version 11.2 of OrderWise sees the introduction of Goods In Despatch to the main OrderWise system. Once this feature is activated, businesses will be able to allocate stock and despatch it at the point of arrival by simply booking it into a designated Goods In Despatch Bin.

Firstly, users will simply select their purchase order lines to book in as normal and OrderWise will automatically find the oldest sales order demand for that item. If the item is the only one on the order, users will progress to the ship screen where they can send out the items and produce the necessary delivery documents. If it is a multi-line order, OrderWise will instruct the user to keep the goods in the Goods In Despatch bin until the last item needed for the order is booked into stock. Once the final item needed has been booked in, the user will then be instructed to collect all the other stock they need from the Goods In Despatch bin and then ship the order.

Warehouse WorkingAchieve Rapid & Controlled Order Fulfilment

When using this feature, there is also the flexibility for users to have a notification displayed if there are other orders for the same customer outstanding. This enables users to save on costs and tailor the module to their working by passing the order being booked in through to picking so that all the customer’s orders can be merged into one or at least fewer deliveries. If there is no stock left from the purchase order after all the sales order demand has been allocated to then a message will be displayed to the user saying that the remaining items need to be put away in the required bins.

Thanks to the extension of this great functionality, whether using the main OrderWise System or our revolutionary Mobile WMS Devices in their warehouse, businesses with fast-moving stock can benefit from a structured and streamlined method of managing quick order turnaround. By using OrderWise to despatch goods at the point of arrival, businesses can eliminate double handling of stock, saving both time and costs in the process.

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