Turn inexperienced staff in to top sales performers

OrderWise Sales ModuleWhether through marketing activities, networking and long term relationship building or as a result of a hard earned good reputation; businesses spend plenty of time and money attracting and retaining customers.  With so much put into generating enquiries it is vital that staff have the tools to fully capitalise on the opportunities created.

Every business will rely on the knowledge and experience of their staff to convert enquiries to sales but not every enquiry can be handled by an experienced member of the team.  The challenge is to quickly turn even the most inexperienced staff member into a valuable sales asset as any improvement in the conversion of enquiries to sales has a significant impact on profits and growth.

Is every staff member making the most of sales opportunities?

Alternate Items - Zero Stock Warning

One area many sales departments focus on is increasing order values through activities such as up selling and cross selling.  OrderWise provides a range of tools to make this second nature such as suggested items, previously sold and quote history, related products and more.  These order building activities should be a key part of any sales strategy but in most cases will rely on first being able to meet the original requirements of the customer.

What happens if the item the customer enquires about is not available in the first place?  The knowledge needed to recommend suitable alternative items often only comes with experience.  To ensure all staff members have the tools to handle these situations, OrderWise has long provided an Alternate Items feature that is accessible from within the Variant information screen.  Should a user find an item is out of stock they simply click through from within Sales Order Entry to gain further information on the item.  This screen provides a host of details including visibility of stock status across all locations, outstanding purchase or works orders along with expected arrival dates and Alternate Items that can be offered, enabling every potential option to be used to capture the sale.

Provide all staff with the tools to leave no sales stone unturned

The 2014 v9.2 release sees Alternate Items being given their own tab directly within the Sales Order Entry screen to further increase a user’s ability to capitalise on each opportunity.  The enhanced accessibility of this information increases the ease of which staff can offer a customer an alternative to out of stock items and add these to the sales order.  This is particularly useful if the customer requires the item immediately and waiting for new stock to arrive is unsuitable.

Alternate Items - In SalesThe information available in the Alternate Items tab within the Sales Order Entry form are the same as in the Variant Information screen, including the Comments field used to provide the user with key details of how the Alternative Item compares with the item requested.  Should the customer decide to go ahead, the quantity can be input against the alternate item and added straight on to the sales order.

An alternative option to losing the sale

To further ensure staff offer alternative options, a change has been made to the message displayed when the ‘Show message on zero stock’ is activated.  In addition to informing that no stock is available the user will also be told to try the Alternate Items tab with an alert indicator next to the tab if alternatives are available.

This change now means that within the Sales Order Entry screen users can see Alternate Items should a product be out of stock, Suggested Items which notifies users should cross selling products be available for the item ordered and the Previously Sold History for the customer.  In addition users can also access Previously Quoted History, Full Variant Information and much more from Sales Order Entry to ensure every member of staff, regardless of experience, has the tools and information to maximise every opportunity.

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