Easily Transform Stock Into Multiple Variants

Stock thumbThe practice of splitting down or transforming stock into smaller packs, volumes or weights depending on sales requirements is a common occurrence in warehouses and stores nationwide every day.  However achieving tight control of transformations can often be difficult to manage as many businesses often find that their current systems do not provide sufficient flexibility and visibility to manage stock transformations effectively.

However the challenges faced when managing transformations increases when there is a requirement to transform stock into multiple items. It may be that bulk stock may need to be broken down into both smaller size packs and singles or require splitting up into various grades of quality. Alternatively an item could be bought in by unit with a varying weight, which then requires transforming so that it can be stocked in the exact weight received. If these transformations into multiple items are not managed correctly, this can result in staff time being spent processing manual stock adjustments and dealing with additional stock and cost discrepancies, as well as base bulk products being over stocked, sales being missed and customer satisfaction reduced.

TransformEffective Management Of Transformation Requirements With OrderWise

Existing functionality within OrderWise already enables users to transform stock either automatically on receipt such as when a product is purchased in bulk packs but only sold as singles or as required into other related items to help achieve desired stock levels, which can be done manually or by using the To Transform report.  Now this functionality has been further extended in version 10.2 of OrderWise, with a new feature added to enable users to transform products into multiple different items.

Available within the Variant information, users are able to determine the quantity of the selected stock transaction to transform and then set the quantity of the related items it is to be transformed in to with the stock location, bin and quarantine status of each also available to be determined in the same screen. Once saved the usual transformation transactions will be recorded and the net cost evenly distributed across the variants into which it has been transformed.  This means in one simple action several transformations can be fully completed and accurately costed.

10029 - Transform in to Multiple TransformUse Stock Transformations For Simple Handling Of Numerous Situations

To enable even greater flexibility, there is a further user group setting to allow unbalanced transactions. When turned on, this setting enables a mismatch between the quantity being transformed and the quantity into which it is being transformed. For example a meat wholesaler could buy a carcass and after butchering transform 1 carcass into the varying quantities of joints and cuts made from it.

With the addition of this great new enhancement to our transformation functionality, OrderWise users are provided with even greater flexibility when it comes to quickly changing stock into other items with a key point being the cost is retained from the original stock and distributed over the transformed items. As well as an effective method of managing all transformation requirements, having this functionality available will also no doubt offer a fast, simple solution to a number of situations that users may encounter and would normally require more considered process management to resolve.

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