To Purchase Report Now Allows Required Date Override

OrderWise Purchasing ModuleEnsuring that the correct items are purchased at the right time in the required quantities is fundamental to any business, with some companies analysing purchasing demand based solely on sales orders with others considering other criteria such as regularly held stock levels, upcoming promotions and numerous others factors. The regularity at which items are purchased will greatly vary from business to business, with some purchasing once a month, others twice a week.

For businesses who purchase on the back sales order demand while handling large volumes of sales orders, frequently raise purchase orders or purchase a lot of goods from overseas with long lead times, it is important to have the right system in place to keep track of what has and has not already been ordered. Too often businesses can find themselves ordering stock to fulfil demand that has already been accommodated for in another purchase order. This results in companies suffering from mounted costs, lost profits and over-stocking with valuable warehouse space wasted.

The OrderWise Purchasing Module already ensures the complex task of ordering the right goods at the right time is achieved through the OrderWise To Purchase Report. This report can be run for all or selected stock locations, looking at sales order demand and set minimum and maximum stock levels against items, so that businesses can always ensure they have enough of the right stock at the right time.

10199 - To Purchase Report Req DatePurchase The Right Stock At The Right Time With OrderWise

Now in version 9.8 of OrderWise this report has been further enhanced, with a new editable required date field added to the main To Purchase Report grid. If a required date is set against a report line and a purchase order is generated, the required and promise dates of the purchase order line will be set to the specified date. If the required date field is left blank, the purchase order line dates will be calculated using the guide lead time, stock in buffer and date of the demand.

With the addition of this new functionality, businesses using the OrderWise To Purchase Report can benefit from greater flexibility when generating purchase orders. This ability to now be able to override required dates to take into account existing purchase orders or additional requirements outside of normal operations ensures that stock is not over-filled and costs are kept lowered.

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