Three New OrderWise CRM Enhancements

CRM thumbWith OrderWise CRM, businesses are already provided with a fully flexible, fully customisable solution that enables them to set up opportunity details, milestones and tasks tailored to suit their individual requirements. A comprehensive management suite, OrderWise CRM also allows staff to manage their staff’s time through diary and pipeline management, integrate their CRM with Microsoft Outlook and obtain easy access to an entire history of customer conversations to use for maximum commercial advantage.

Extending the functionality and flexibility of CRM in version 10.6 of OrderWise, a new Edit A Closed Task feature has been added which you can read all about HERE. In addition to this, three small but useful new enhancements have also been added with the focus on further advancing the user friendliness of this widely popular module.

Preview Formatted TextPreview Formatted Text

Already within OrderWise CRM users have the ability to hover over certain fields, such as activity details or order line variant comments, and see a quick pop up preview of the information held within these fields prior to it disappearing. However to assist users required to easily analyse this information for a longer period and in more detail, a new Preview option has been added for these formatted text fields.

When any formatted text field is right clicked, a new Preview option will appear at the top of the list. When selected, this will bring up a new form with the contents in a read only textbox for the user to review and then close once they are finished. Although clearly beneficial to anyone looking through activities in OrderWise CRM, this functionality is now available to all formatted text fields throughout OrderWise, providing greater visibility in a number of key areas within our software.

15087 - Edit closed task UG settingCourse of Action When A Task Is Double Clicked

One thing we know from speaking to our customers is that every business uses OrderWise completely different to the next. That is why we already offer extensive options for companies using OrderWise to fully tailor the system to meet their own requirements.

Adding further flexibility, OrderWise CRM users can now decide the course of action that follows after double clicking on a task in the task list. Previously this would always create a new activity for that task and user. However a new option for default double click behaviour within this area has now been added in order to coincide with the new Edit A Closed Task functionality (find out more HERE), which allows users to mark a task as incomplete.

Now users can choose whether double clicking on a task in the CRM task list continues to create a new activity or if it opens an existing incomplete activity specific to that user. If more than one incomplete activity exists within the task, OrderWise will open the earliest record. If there are no incomplete activities to be found, a new one will be created.

resize iconResizable Opportunity Form

The final new enhancement to CRM this month is the ability for users to expand the CRM opportunity form to display a great amount of information. Within this form, users can now drag any of the four sides/corner to make the screen larger or simply press the new maximise button so that it fits the whole screen.

Although three small new enhancements, businesses using OrderWise CRM can now benefit from even greater flexibility, visibility and information accessibility, allowing key details to be reviewed and recorded even more easily.

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