Three New Additions To OrderWise CRM

CRM thumbSuccessful companies are customer focused and OrderWise CRM provides businesses with all the tools they need to be successful. Providing effective management of every interaction from marketing and prospect creation to sales conversion and account management, OrderWise CRM provides sales staff with a central source of information that enables targets to be achieved and sales to be maximised.

Easy to configure and tailored to match individual business requirements, companies using OrderWise CRM can ensure the right information is captured, workflows followed and optimum customer service levels provided.

Increasing the information readily available to staff and further extending the scope of this insight into customer relationships, three great new features have now been added in version 10.5 of OrderWise to assist both sales managers and their representatives.

14015 - CRM Cusomer List Previously soldPreviously Sold Information Now Visible Within The CRM Customer List

When interacting with customers, businesses strive to ensure staff are provided with all the right information they need in order to maximise all their sales opportunities. One area many sales departments focus on when looking to increase order value and profitability is through activities such as up selling and cross selling. These order building activities should be a key part of any sales strategy but in order for staff to up and cross sell effectively, one of the most essential pieces of information businesses can provide to staff is a detailed breakdown of a customer’s previously sold items. By having this information to hand staff can quickly pinpoint up and cross selling opportunities, offering items that they know a customer has bought before and may want to buy again or indeed other products that are related to their previously sold items.

Within the OrderWise Sales module, businesses are already provided with a range of tools to make up and cross selling second nature to sales staff, such as suggested items, alternate items, previously sold, quote history, related products and more. Now to benefit businesses that use OrderWise CRM as their first point of call for customer contact, previously sold information has been added to the lower grid of the CRM customer list. This new tab lists items which have been placed on sales orders for the selected customer, with a date also listed for when the item was last ordered.

KPIsTwo New CRM Dashboards

In order to check staff work rate, maintain fair balance and generally see how each person’s pipeline is looking with regards to meeting targets, sales managers and supervisors will often want to keep track of the number of open sales opportunities. From this information, businesses can then quickly determine where staff need to be more pro-active in getting in contact with customers and where opportunities may need reassigning to other members of staff.

To enable businesses using OrderWise to gain instant insight into their staff’s current open opportunities, two new CRM dashboards have now been added. These are:

Number of Opportunities Created Per User Over X Days

Number of Opportunities Open Per User

With the addition of these three new features to OrderWise CRM, businesses are able to obtain yet more valuable information from this highly beneficial module both quickly and easily. With a customer’s previously sold information available with one-click and open opportunity figures available to view at-a-glance, OrderWise CRM users can ensure that sales are always maximised and staff effectively managed.

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