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OrderWise Sales ModuleMultisaver discounts such as buy one get one free, buy one get one half price, get 25% off when you buy 3 and endless other possibilities are a staple part of any competitive trading environment.  However due to the complex and varied nature of these offers, ensuring they are effectively managed is a problem all businesses, not just retailers, can struggle with on a regular basis. Without the right system in place, adding items, managing which customers are able to receive the offer and manually bringing these promotions in and out of effect can be an arduous process.

The management of these offers can become even more challenging when multiple items are available for a specific multisaver discount or numerous multiple discounts are applicable to the same group of items. Common examples of these type of offers could be buy any 3 chocolate bars and get the cheapest one free or the common supermarket offer of 3 for £10 or 4 for £12 on any selection of meat products. Offers such as these require an added level of control as the items or the discounts themselves need to be applied in a specific order. If there isn’t a structure in place to manage this, offers may be applied incorrectly causing customer dissatisfaction, time lost through correcting the errors and an increased number of returns transactions as a result.

Major new functionality was introduced to OrderWise last month, giving users enhanced control over the tailored set up and management of Multisaver Discounts. You can read all about this incredible feature HERE. Now in version 9.11 of OrderWise, this comprehensive, fully adaptable, automated offers and promotions management facility has seen a further enhancement, with users now also provided with even greater control and flexibility over how Multisaver Discounts are applied to sales orders.

12599 - Mutlisaver sort on mutlisaverOrder Which Discount Takes Priority

Users are now able to dictate the order in which multisaver discounts are applied so that if more than one offer applies to the same group of products within a sales order, the one listed nearest the top of the list would take precedence.

If we take the common supermarket offer of 3 for £10 or 4 for £12 on any selection of meat as an example, users would place the 4 for £12 offer above the 3 for £10 offer in the list. This would ensure that the 3 for £10 offer will apply when the customer buys a quantity of 3 but as soon as a quantity of 4 is added the better value 4 for £12 offer would be applied instead.

12599 - Mutlisaver sort on buy & get

Offer Great Deals While Ensuring Maximum Margin Is Retained

An order can also be applied to the individual items used within a multisaver discount.

If we use the common buy 3 items get the cheapest item free offer as an example, by having the items that need to be bought ordered from most expensive to cheapest and the items that will be given free or discounted ordered from cheapest to most expensive, the cheapest item will always be the one to which the discount is applied.

As another example if there is a buy any 3 of a product type to get 25% off promotion and a customer came to the till with 4 items, you would likely want to apply the 25% discount to the cheapest 3 and have them pay full price for the most expensive. Ordering the items from cheapest to most expensive would ensure this is how it is applied in the sales order.

These are just a few examples of what businesses can achieve with OrderWise Multisaver Discounts and, with the addition of this excellent functionality, OrderWise users are provided with further flexibility and scope on the offers they can create whilst ensuring they also retain the best margin and profit levels.

Existing customers can contact support if they wish for any assistance with setting up their multisaver discounts.

For more information on OrderWise including Sales Order Processing, you can download our brochures or watch our videos.

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