Tailor The Orders Requiring Shipping Screen To Suit Your Business

DespatchAs more companies strive to increase the efficiency and practicality of their despatch processes, it is becoming more common for orders to be split out into multiple picks.

Depending on the warehouse operations in effect, the nature of the business and the items being sold, there are a number of reasons companies will choose to pick orders in this way. Order lines may simply be picked as and when stock is available, in other cases certain items on an order may necessitate travelling to another stock location or the additional assistance of a forklift or other equipment when being picked, meaning some lines may be assigned to a picker with the required capabilities.

Whatever the reason for splitting orders into multiple picks, the result of this is that sometimes goods will be shipped by pick rather by order. This method of working where items are shipped by pick or upon pick completion means that often order lines are either partially shipped together or despatched individually. From speaking to our customers although this despatch process is well suited to how some businesses work, for companies with customers that do not accept part shipments or those that utilise marshalling areas, it can make it difficult to keep track of what orders have or have not been shipped. Without having the right structure in place to manage order shipment, businesses will find that their despatch processes may suffer from increased frequency of errors, disorganisation and inefficiency.

11004 - Orders Req Shipping Screen System SettingShip By Pick Or By Order – The Choice Is Yours

In previous versions of OrderWise, the orders requiring shipping screen would only group order lines by pick. However to coincide with the recent addition of the new pick rules feature which you can read about HERE, a fantastic new enhancement to the orders requiring shipping screen has been added in version 9.8 to enable this screen to switch between showing a list of orders that require shipping and, the default setting, a list of picks that require shipping. The relevant system setting can be found under the despatch picking section labelled orders requiring shipping group by, where users then have the option to choose to either group by picks or orders.

If the system setting is not changed from the default, the orders requiring shipping screen will continue to display by pick. If the option to show a list of orders requiring shipping is enabled then the orders requiring shipping screen will change to show a list of orders in the main window. These can then be filtered by pick status using the three buttons to display either orders with any picks, orders with only completed picks or orders with full/part completed picks. Pick status and pick lines to complete is also be displayed on the grid so users can easily see when an order has been fully picked and is ready to be shipped.

Flexible & Tailored Order Despatch Management 

11004 - Order Req Shipping by Order ScreenWhen the ship button is pressed, if a customer allows multiple orders to be packed together, completed picks are then grouped together by customer, delivery contact and delivery postcode with orders having to match on all three of these criteria in order to be grouped. A ship form will then be shown for either each of the order groups or for each order if the customer doesn’t allow multiple orders to be packed together. If the cancel despatch button is pressed, any pick lines related to the order will be removed, with the pick being deleted altogether should all lines be removed.

With this great new feature, OrderWise customers are provided with the flexibility to tailor how their orders requiring shipping are grouped in a way that is best suited to their despatch processes. This allows businesses to ensure that the shipment of goods is managed in the most practical, effective and efficient manner.

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