Benefit From Greater Data Synchronisation With OrderWise Commerce

websiteFor a lot of online retailers, it can be a constant struggle to get the necessary data across from back-end systems through to their website. In many cases, data needs to be manually entered into both systems or exported and then imported so that customers are presented with the information they need. With information such as current pricing needing to be regularly updated, this can often result in staff spending all their time moving data between systems rather than fulfilling orders.

Delivering robust business management software and responsive custom-built websites, OrderWise already offers a fully integrated all-in-one solution that allows businesses to automate management of their online or multi-channel business from end-to-end. Now with Version 11.9 of OrderWise, we have added two new features that provide greater data synchronisation between the main OrderWise system and OrderWise Commerce Websites.

Price downComprehensive & Automated Price Management

OrderWise already delivers extensive pricing functionality to allow businesses to set up multiple price lists, special prices, quantity breaks, customer discount structures, multisaver discounts and much more. Now a new OrderWise Commerce feature enables this pricing data to be automatically synchronised from a user’s main OrderWise system to a dedicated cloud based pricing server. The OrderWise Commerce Website will then pull prices from there so that product details displayed to customers are constantly refreshed with the up-to-date pricing associated with their account.

This great new feature now means that OrderWise Commerce Websites can now support automatic synchronisation of the same combination of pricing mechanisms users have set up within OrderWise. Through this seamless integration that is only available with OrderWise Commerce Websites, businesses can eliminate the need to rekey or manually transfer information into multiple systems, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Invoicevisibility350pxComplete End-To-End Invoicing Visibility

With OrderWise providing businesses with a multi-channel order management system, it is likely that some users will have customers placing orders through a variety of different channels. With this being the case, businesses need to ensure that when their customers login to their online account, they can review all their previous purchases and invoices, regardless of the channel through which they initially placed the order.

OrderWise Commerce Websites already provide order history synchronisation which allows users to give their customers full order visibility when they log in to their online account. Now this functionality has been extended this month to now also include invoices too, offering consistency in the documentation available to customers through each channel. By increasing the visibility of key information across both the main OrderWise system and OrderWise Commerce Websites through greater synchronisation, businesses can reduce enquiries and also automate their online order management.

Thanks to these new additions, OrderWise Commerce users can now benefit from streamlined updates of complex pricing structures and increased visibility of order details across both platforms. This allows businesses using the OrderWise platform for an all-in-one solution to keep their processes streamlined and continue to deliver an improved customer experience.

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