Stunning KPI Charts & Graphs Without A Degree In Design!

OrderWise KPI Dashboard ModuleIn today’s fast moving marketplace, businesses are striving to stay ahead of competitors by using relevant data to make informed decisions quickly and competently. Therefore it is important that vital information regarding business performance across key areas is easily accessible so that useful data can be easily identified and analysed. However it is equally important that data is presented as a clear, easily digestible snapshot of the business so that the information presented can interpreted correctly by all members of staff.

The OrderWise KPI Dashboard module already provides a constantly refreshed representation of key performance indicators in a chart format making it easy for interpretation and analysis, with 500+ charts available. In this year’s May release, a new feature was introduced to the OrderWise KPI Dashboards module that gave users the ability to save or load the appearance of a chart. This functionality has now been extended in version 9.10 of OrderWise to now enable users to also load preset chart appearances.

Preset Dashboard StylesEnhanced Control Over How Data Is Displayed

When an element is selected, users can simply go to the load appearance option where there is now a dropdown list of preset appearances. These preset appearances can be previewed before being applied when selecting through the drop down list. As users scroll through the list using the arrows, the appearance will be applied to the chart in the background allowing users to then either save or abandon based on the preview. Users still have the ability to save and load their own appearances or tweak and save a preset appearance by using the custom option.

With this great addition of preset appearances, OrderWise users are provided with the convenience of being able to efficiently select a visually stunning dashboard appearance best suited to the chart type and data being displayed, you can even choose colours to reflect the brand image.  Users can in a matter of seconds produce something that looks like it has spent a graphic designer hours to achieve (we won’t tell anyone if you don’t!!). In addition, users with the KPI Dashboards module are able to easily manipulate and further modify how data is displayed so that information is always presented in the best way possible.

This release also sees more enhancements to the KPI Dashboards module:-

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