Streamlined Sales Processing With Enhanced Merge Orders Functionality

SalesEffective processing of orders is crucial to keeping business costs down, ensuring customer service levels are high and ultimately improving overall business performance. However, businesses can often encounter a situation where a customer places an order but before that has been despatched, a further order is placed to be delivered to the same address.

Such a situation adds to administrative requirements together with the costs involved in processing two orders and arranging two deliveries. Therefore, in such circumstances it makes sense to merge these orders into one to reduce the time and costs involved in fulfilment.

Whatever method is used for order and enquiry handling, whatever sales channels are used, whether there are a handful of staff or hundreds across multiple locations, OrderWise already provides the key to achieving an efficient and successful sales operation, including the ability to effectively merge customer sales orders.

However, this month sees two new additions to our merge orders functionality to provide even greater automation and structured management of this process.

merge orderNew Merge Orders Feature Improves Handling Of Multiple Orders To Multiple Delivery Addresses

The first new enhancement sees OrderWise provide the ability to merge order lines based on ‘customer delivery address’ as opposed to simply ‘customer’. This is particularly valuable where customers have more than one delivery address, such as different warehouse locations or different store locations.

If there are multiple orders going to multiple delivery addresses then simply merging orders based on ‘customer’ creates the potential for confusion and orders being sent to the wrong delivery address. This new feature can be activated by enabling the new System Setting, ‘Filter orders by customer delivery address’.

The second new enhancement provides greater automation due to a new form automatically appearing where there are orders that could be merged. Checking the additional System Setting, ‘Show automatically when adding a new sales order’, means a ‘Select Lines To Merge’ form will be shown upon creating a new sales order, thus allowing businesses to capitalise on all merge opportunities to save time and costs.

These new features cater for situations where there are multiple orders for customers with multiple delivery addresses, and allow for orders to be amalgamated and dealt with as one order per delivery address. Together with the automatic prompting where merging is possible, users can benefit from more cost-effective and efficient processes.

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