Streamline Warehouse Restocking With Mass Put Away

Mobile WMS DevicesMaintaining stock accuracy while ensuring productivity remains high is vitally important for any business, as this provides sales, purchasing and warehouse management staff with the visibility of available goods that they need in order to perform their daily tasks effectively. With this in mind, many companies will look to keep the booking in of stock well streamlined by operating a put away process. This enables businesses to get goods quickly added on to the system by initially booking them in to a temporary location, so that they become immediately available and can then be placed around the warehouse accordingly at a more convenient time.

However during peak seasons and receipt of full container and lorry loads where businesses will have larger volumes of items arriving from their suppliers that then need to be distributed around the warehouse, it is vitally important that stock put away is conducted both quickly and effectively. The problem is that even if the business is using barcode scanning technology to make the put away process more accurate and efficient, if there are lots of items to put away, scanning each of these items individually can mean the process is still far too slow. Therefore it is important that businesses have a method of keeping put away streamlined even at the busiest times.

fast warehouse workingFaster Stock Put Away With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

With the Mobile Put Away Module available on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, businesses are already provided with a structured way of managing goods receipt, ensuring stock is made quickly available for despatch whilst also ensuring full batch and serial traceability is correctly recorded. Now version 10.12 of OrderWise sees a new enhancement added that enables staff to further increase the efficiency of their stock put away.

Facilitated by a new setting, this new enhancement enables users to pull all contained stock from a put away bin with just one simple scan, removing the need to individually pull stock. With the relevant setting active, scanning a put away bin on an OrderWise Mobile WMS Device now causes the entire contents of a bin to be pulled and added into put away lines. Staff will then be guided by their device to place stock into bins as normal using the fastest walk routes.

With the addition of this new Mass Put Away functionality on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, businesses can benefit from even faster management of goods receipt and streamlined handling of stock put away. With the greater efficiency in key warehouse processes this new feature offers, it will no doubt prove highly useful to businesses using OrderWise over the busy festive period and beyond.

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