Streamline Stock Put Away By Setting Bin Sizes

StockFor many businesses, effective stock control will often start with finding the best place within the warehouse to store goods that have just arrived from suppliers. With some companies storing one product per bin, some storing the same item across multiple bins and others storing multiple items per bin, knowing where best to put stock isn’t always easy. Although most businesses will ensure that bin capacity is always recorded to avoid sending warehouse staff to full bins, many companies will often forget to make note of the product sizes that bins are best suited to storing.

In smaller warehouse environments where bins are often of a similar size this isn’t necessarily a problem, however within larger warehouse operations where bin space can be used for storing both individual items and whole pallets of stock, having this additional detail can generate greater efficiency when putting away stock. By having a system in place to automatically direct staff to the next available right-sized bin, occasions where staff arrive at bins to find that the item they are looking to put away is too large or too small for the bin to which they have been sent can be easily prevented. Additionally in environments where fork lifts are used to place stock on high up racking, knowing in advance the size and weight these storage spaces can support can help to massively streamline larger warehouse operations.

Stock Put AwayPut Away Stock to Next Empty Bin Of Same Size

Providing a greater level of automation to the put away process, businesses using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices will now be able to benefit from a new feature that enables staff to be directed to the next available bin of the right size when putting away stock. This has been facilitated by the ability for users to now create their own bin sizes, simply choosing a name and specifying the width, depth and height of the bin size. These bin sizes can then be applied to bin stock locations as required, with bins then assigned to items as done previously.

With the relevant security setting active, these bin sizes will then be utilised within put away when OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices are being used. While also taking into account the most efficient walk routes, OrderWise will now intuitively use the bin size information to guide the user during stock put away, suggesting on screen the nearest empty bin based upon the size of the item. If WiFi is available as stock is scanned into the destination bin, information will be updated on the main system to ensure real time data synchronisation is achieved.

Such is the flexibility of this new feature, OrderWise users with larger warehouse operations are able to use this functionality to record a bin’s weight capacity too. For example, users could name bin sizes as 20kg pallet storage racking and 50kg pallet storage racking, also recording the dimensions in their bin size set up. Then when fork lift drivers go to put stock away, they will ensure the correct stock is put in the right location.

With the addition of this new functionality to record bin sizes, businesses using OrderWise can now benefit from even greater efficiency when putting away stock arriving from suppliers. By simultaneously adding automation into this put away process and also allowing businesses to carefully avoid instances where staff mistakenly arrive at the wrong size bin, companies using OrderWise can benefit from attaining even higher levels of warehouse productivity.

WarehouseblueorangeActivate & Deactivate Bins

With businesses moving premises, refurbishing or simply rearranging the layout of their warehouse from time to time, the need to either temporarily or permanently make bins inactive can sometimes arise. In order to prevent staff from trying to utilise bins that are no longer in use when completing their daily tasks, businesses should ensure they have the means to effectively manage and update the status of these stock locations when required.

To allow OrderWise users to now further control the status of their bins, a new Active flag has been added to the bin setup form which can simply be ticked and unticked as required. If a bin is marked as inactive, it will not be displayed within OrderWise or allow staff to use the bin when performing tasks on Mobile WMS Devices. However for obvious reasons, bins containing stock cannot be flagged as inactive.

With the addition of this simple but highly useful new enhancement, businesses using OrderWise can benefit from the flexibility of being able to quickly and easily manage their bins.

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