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OrderWise Courier IntegrationMany companies find that for deliveries that can be sent in envelopes or small packets and parcels, the Royal Mail still offers the most comprehensive and cost effective delivery options on the market.  We already provide courier integration to many Royal Mail services including Royal Mail Despatch Express, Despatch Manager and DMO On Demand along with being able to create PPI marks on documentation as required.

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The 2014 v9.3 release sees a further addition to the Royal Mail services we can help manage with the introduction of Royal Mail OBA.  Companies already using a Royal Mail Online Business Account will be aware that it provides a different kind of service to manage despatch requirements and does not operate in the traditional way people may associate with courier integration.   As a result of this the OrderWise Royal Mail OBA Courier Integration is designed to provide easier control and management of OBA delivery methods, average & total weights and costs.

Average Weight and Cost Control

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The Royal Mail OBA integration can be used to manage a full range of Royal Mail delivery methods, these can be set up as normal within OrderWise and linked to the Royal Mail OBA Courier.  Orders despatched using these methods will be available to manage within

OrderWise where users can see total packages in a delivery, total and average weights and use this information to generate prices within the OBA system.  This pricing information can then be entered into OrderWise and the relevant delivery prices can then be automatically updated within the associated sales orders.  Due to the average pricing method used in the OBA system, OrderWise provides options to reassign any unsuitably weighted orders that adversely impact average weights to a more cost effective delivery method.

Due to the wide variety of ways customers can make use of Royal Mail OBA and the nature of how the OBA system works, linking via traditional courier integration methods is not possible.  We would recommend any companies wanting to utilise this recent development discuss their requirements with us first.

For more information on OrderWise Despatch watch our videos or download the brochures.

To discuss your requirements in more detail contact us today on 01522 704083.

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