Further Streamline Your Despatch Processes With Four New Enhancements

Despatch thumbFor businesses looking to improve their despatch processes by quickly fulfilling orders and keeping costs to a minimum, the simple processes can often make a big difference. That’s why barcode scanning functionality is constantly on the rise, with companies looking to benefit from managing and picking stock in the fastest, most accurate way possible. By implementing barcode scanning into the warehouse, staff can pick stock for multiple orders using totes and then upon completion of the pick, scan, pack and ship goods out to the relevant customers. By working in this way, businesses can ensure that whether an order being prepared for despatch carries a single line of items or a large volume of items, each consignment is always quickly, accurately and correctly picked, packed and shipped.

With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, businesses are already provided with industry leading barcode scanning functionality to manage Despatch processes including tote picking, the ability to achieve rapid picking speeds with average time countdown, automated pick assignment with Pick Rules, quick order turnaround with Despatch Goods In and much, much more. Now in version 10.3 of OrderWise, four more new enhancements have been added to Despatch, with the focus mostly on further streamlining processes when using barcode scanning technology in packing.

12553 - Packing Bin Varinat Stock SetupMove Stock On Pick Completion To A Packing Bin

It is not uncommon for businesses to have a bin, bench or general area within the warehouse where goods are packed. Usually goods will be picked for an order and then sent to the packing bench ready to be parcelled up and shipped out to the customer. In order to retain full visibility and accuracy of where stock is at all times within the warehouse, businesses using packing areas should ensure these areas and the stock contained within them are accounted for within their stock management system.

To manage this within OrderWise, it is now possible for users to set up packing bins for each variant and variant stock location. When using this functionality, whenever a variant with a packing bin is confirmed as picked in the main system or on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, the allocated stock will automatically be moved to the designated packing bin and be shipped from the packing bin.

Pack Scan1Scan Components In Pack Scan Screen

Ensuring the correct stock is being shipped out to customers is a primary concern for any business, with the failure to do so causing service levels and customer satisfaction to drop, while on the flip side returns and the costs incurred are increased as a result. Although by putting the right structured and controlled despatch procedures in place most businesses can ensure orders are always shipped correctly, companies selling kitted items have extra considerations.

Often situations can occur where items sold as kits will need to be packed and shipped to the customer as individual components. In these instances, it is important for businesses to not only check that they are sending the correct kit but validate all the necessary components for the kit have been correctly picked. If staff do not know exactly what a kit should contain and these checks aren’t made, businesses can find themselves handling multiple, complex returns as kits are sent back either incomplete or incorrect.

To enable businesses to perform these checks within OrderWise, a new feature has been added in version 10.3 that enables kit components to now be validated once picked on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, including kit component stock. With this new functionality, once variants have been picked and placed into a tote, the tote can be scanned within Pack Scan and will list the picked stock contained within the tote. This stock can then be scanned before shipping to ensure the correct stock has been picked for the order, ensuring fast, accurate order fulfilment is always achieved regardless of the items that are being sent.

Order DespatchAbility To Auto Ship From Pack Scan Screen

Creating a further level of automation and further streamlining processes with OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, a new feature has been added to allow picks to be automatically shipped once the Pack Scan process has been completed. With this functionality, users are able to simply scan the items for the order they are packing and then when the last one is scanned by the packer the order is auto shipped with any courier integration processed and required documentation output.  This fantastic feature is ideal for companies with high order volumes looking to achieve the ultimate in streamlined packing as packers need only scan items without the requirements to click button in system.

Padlocks2Override Picker In Open Picks

The final new enhancement provides businesses with another level of security and control over user permissions within Despatch. In version 10.3 of OrderWise, a user group setting has been added to allow businesses to control whether or not users can override the assigned picker in Open Picks.

With these new four additions, OrderWise Despatch and Mobile WMS Devices users can benefit from even greater accuracy, structure and streamlined processes when fulfilling customer orders.

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