Streamline Stock Movements By Placing The Entire Contents Of A Trolley Into A Bin

Mobile WMS DevicesthumbIn busy warehouse environments, finding the simple and most efficient method of navigating stock from bin to bin can be difficult. Commonly businesses will utilise barcode scanning technology and tote trollies to move stock to their required destination, with staff directed to pull stock from a bin, load it on to the trolley before placing the stock in the target bin when it is reached. By working in this manner, stock movements across multiple bins and multiple stock locations can be conducted in an organised and efficient manner.

tote picking thumb2However there can be occasions where an entire trolley is being used to transport stock into a single bin. There are many scenarios where this could occur, for example stock from one location being transported to a put away bin in another, component stock being brought over to a manufacturing area, warehouse stock being moved to trade counter or shop stock or simply stock stored in multiple bin locations moved into one for better warehouse structure.

In these more complex situations, businesses need to ensure that processes are kept as streamlined as possible as any additional scans involved in moving stock from multiple bins into a single bin, such as individually scanning each item into the bin, can greatly reduce processing speeds.

With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, businesses are already provided with a full suite of warehouse management software, designed to rapidly increase the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of warehouse operations. Using these revolutionary mobile devices, businesses can manage all common warehouse tasks including stock takes, replenishments, adjustments, movements, picking, put away, booking in and much, much more. You can read about these devices, HERE. Now to help manage these kind of stock movements, new functionality has been added in version 10.3 of OrderWise so that Mobile WMS Device users can now move the entire contents of a trolley into a bin with just one simple scan.

Trolley EmptyFast, Efficient Stock Movements With Mobile WMS Devices

When moving stock on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, there is now a new empty trolley button available. With this button, users have the ability to place the contents of an entire trolley just by scanning the bin number barcode. Even if the products have been pulled from multiple bin locations in the warehouse, stock can be quickly and simply scanned in from the trolley in to the one bin location using this feature.

With this fantastic new functionality, businesses using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices are able to benefit from rapidly moving stock from multiple bin locations into a single bin in just a few scans. This further establishes OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices as the leading software solution for fast, accurate and productive warehouse management.

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