Streamline How Delivery Incremental Weight Pricing And Weight Bands Are Managed

Sales thumbIt is not uncommon for couriers to have pricing bands where the cost of the same delivery service will change based on the weight of the parcel. This will usually work in one of two ways with the method used varying depending on the courier used. Some couriers may choose to use weight bandings such as 0-1kg £3.99, 1.1-2kg £4.99, 2.1-3kg £5.99 and so on, with others using a simple flat rate which will then increment by a set amount for every kilogram over a certain weight. For example a courier may charge £12.99 for parcels up to 20kg and then 50p for every extra kilogram over that weight.

For many businesses managing weight band pricing is a relatively straight forward process, with companies simply having to set up a finite number of delivery methods for each of the weight band options and selecting the relevant option when raising a sales order or at point of despatch once a packaged weight is determined. However with incremental pricing this is not an option as businesses would effectively need to set up a new delivery method for each kilo or even part kilo weight service offered, resulting in masses of delivery methods being created. Having to scroll through an endless amount of delivery methods can greatly lower the efficiency of sales order processing and increase the likelihood of the wrong method being selected by mistake. Therefore it is important for businesses with incremental or weight band pricing structures when dealing with their couriers to have a system to manage these situations this in place.

OrderWise allows a delivery method to be automatically applied based on the order weight, removing the need for the user to manually calculate and determine this, with options to use order value and postcode also available.  In order to provide a simpler and easier method of management for these weight band and increment delivery pricing options, version 10.2 of OrderWise sees new functionality added to the way courier delivery methods can be setup, with one service from a courier having the full weight and pricing options configured against it.

11915 - Weight Band Pricing SetupWeight Band Pricing

This can be used when the courier offers the same service but with prices that change based on a weight range.  For example DPD may offer Next Day Delivery where 0 – 5kg is £5.00, 5.1 – 10kg is £8.00, 10.1 – 15kg is £10.00.  The Weight Banding option allows the cost price and the price charged to the customer to be set for each weight range for each service enabling one delivery method to cover the full range of weight options for the same courier service.

When a delivery method set with weight banding is chosen, the cost price and price charged to the customer will be updated based on the weight band the order falls in to, so the staff member only needs to select the delivery method i.e Next Day, 3 Day etc the customer requires.  Should the delivery method be set or updated at despatch following the use of additional packing materials and a packaged weight being recorded, then the weight band will be set based on the packaged weight.

11915 - Calc PricingCalculated Pricing

The calculated pricing option is used to handle pricing increments from a base rate for every X amount of kilos (or grams depending on the units set in systems) over a base weight.  So should a courier offer a Next Day service with parcels up to 10kg being charged at £6.00 but then charge an additional £0.40 per 0.5kg over 10kg this can be easily configured.  The base cost and price can be set to cover the delivery cost and price charged to the customer for parcels up to 10kg, a weight set from which the increment will kick in along with the increment weight (in this case 0.5kg) and the cost and price charged of the additional increment.

As with the weight band option this will then ensure once the customers chosen delivery method has been set, the cost and price charged will automatically be set based on the order weight.

Incredible delivery pricing flexibility

These new Weight Band and Calculated pricing options can be used in conjunction with the existing delivery method calculation options by Weight, Value or Postcode.  For example you may have a delivery method from one courier that has weight banding in place up to a maximum of 10kg then use a different delivery method with calculated pricing for over 10kg.  The option to calculate the delivery method by weight would ensure that the correct delivery method is automatically chosen based on the order weight with the weight banding or calculated pricing further determining the pricing applied.

With the addition of this fantastic new functionality, users are provided with a structured, organised and effective method of managing delivery methods priced based on weight bands, weight increments and combining this with existing delivery calculation options to further extend the flexibility offered by OrderWise when it comes to ensuring delivery options can be handled with ease and accuracy.

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