Stock Status Not To Take Into Account Quarantined Stock

DespatchIt is not uncommon for many businesses to place goods into quarantine, with the reasons behind this varying greatly. Some companies will use quarantine stock status to test products for quality control before adding them in to regular stock after a set period of time. Others will use quarantine as a method of isolating damaged, contaminated or otherwise faulty goods so that that an assessment on their sale condition can be made before returning these items back into stock or scrapping them.

However on occasion stock would be placed in quarantine as it would no longer be made available for sale. Common examples of this could be out-of-date food, expired or unusable pharmaceuticals or other irrevocably damaged goods. When placing this unsellable stock into quarantine, companies would want to ensure that staff are aware that these goods are not suitable to be sold, picked or despatched. Therefore it is important for businesses using quarantine in this manner to have tight control over quarantined items so that these goods never appear in available stock figures.

11925 – Stock Status Not To Take into account Quarantined Stock SettingChoose Whether To Include Quarantined Stock And Maintain Stock Status Accuracy 

OrderWise already gives users enhanced control over quarantined stock, including a system setting to choose whether to include quarantined stock within free and closing stock values. Now in version 9.10 of OrderWise, an additional setting has been added to allow users to choose whether or not they wish to include quarantined stock when calculating stock status. This new functionality can be activated via the allocation system setting labelled include quarantined stock in the stock status. To replicate existing functionality, this setting will be enabled to include quarantined stock in the stock status field by default. When disabled, quarantined stock will not be included in the stock status.

With the addition of this new functionality, OrderWise users are provided with greater flexibility and control over their quarantined stock. With the ability to now decide whether stock placed in quarantine is able or unable to be included in the stock status to then accounted for when looking at orders that can be fulfilled from current stock, OrderWise users are provided with the comprehensive management needed to handle all quarantine stock requirements.

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