6 New Standard Reports Added For Returns

Reporting thumbThe OrderWise Reports & Layouts Team are kicking of the New Year with reports for an area of OrderWise that many companies will no doubt be using heavily as they process the aftermath of bad Christmas present choices.  Our Reports and Layouts team have been busy working behind the scenes with the addition of six new standard reports for Returns in version 10.1 of OrderWise.

Keen to always provide new, informative ways to interpret and manipulate business data, these new reports focus on businesses looking to analyse in detail their Customer Returns, in particular the most frequently returned items. These new reports are:

growth chart 6Top N Customer Returned Variants by Quantity

Top N Customer Returned Variants by Value

Customer Returns by Category

Customer Returns by Customer

Customer Returns by Sales Rep

Customer Returns by Variant

These six new reports are highly configurable allowing for factors such as date ranges, return actions, customer, sales person, refunded and more.  Using these reports businesses will be able to fully analyse the returns they are processing and identify where there may be problems that may need addressing further.  It may be a customer with a high level of damaged items, a particular item that is constantly returned resulting in a change of supplier to be considered, a sales person that has a lot of unwanted items sent back.  The Top N Reports can then be used to keep track of these trends and monitor if any changes made result in these products dropping down the list.

With these six new additions, 137 standard reports are now available within OrderWise. By using the OrderWise Reports Wizard or the in-house OrderWise Reports and Layouts team for the creation of more complicated reports, users can always be sure that their specific requirements are reached.

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