Speed Up Your Order Entry With New Filter Tool

SalesIn fast-paced telesales environments, having the ability to quickly and accurately create new sales orders is absolutely essential. With the maximisation of sales order volumes and good customer service reliant on staff being able to quickly find the right customer record, add the product lines required to the order and complete the sales transaction as quickly as possible while the customer is still on the phone, businesses need to ensure they have the most-efficient of order processing systems in place. However with every company presenting their own range of products and sales processes for vending these items, finding an order processing system that is suitable to their way of working can be a real challenge.

With some businesses selling thousands and even tens of thousands of different products, often one of the key problems for sales staff is simply creating a fast way of finding and adding the products the customer is looking to purchase onto a new sales order. Although many businesses will have their own search tools on their database, often these require opening a new screen in order to enter the product term on which they wish to search.

TelesalesEasily Find The Items Your Customer Wants To Purchase With OrderWise Sales Order Processing

While this way of working is fine in many trading environments, when it comes to telesales flicking between screens to search and then add lines to an order is simply not practical. Not only does it greatly slow down the creation of sales orders, but also means that providing running totals to customers or determining order values is a clunky process. Therefore in order to maximise the efficiency of sales order creation, businesses trading in this manner should be looking for a solution that allows products to be quickly found and added to a running sales order all from within a single screen.

Here at OrderWise we understand that the best way to find and add items to sales orders can vary from business to business, that’s why our Sales Order Processing module is highly configurable to suit the requirements of any company. Existing functionality within OrderWise already provides users with the ability to search for products within a sales order by product or EAN code, description, category, part number, size/colour matrix and more. You can read more about OrderWise Sales Order Processing functionality HERE.

Product Search1Streamline Your Order Entry By Having The Products You Need To Add At Your Fingetips

Now adding another way for users to find and add products to sales orders, version 11.5 of OrderWise sees a brand new product search tool added to the sales order entry screen. Activated through relevant security settings, this new variant filter provides a pop-up search bar with drop down menu through which sales staff can search by variant code and description. Using this variant filter, which can also be set up to be automatically shown on the addition of a new line, users are able to type into the search bar a partial item code or description which will return a series of matching options in the drop down. Users can then simply return the selected variant from the drop down menu to the sales order.

To achieve maximum order entry speed, sales staff are also able to use this tool completely with their keyboard. This can be done by pressing F2 to add a line, typing in a partial code or description, using the arrow keys to scroll to the required matching option and then hitting the enter key to return this to the sales order. This process can then be repeated as many times as required.

With the addition of this highly useful new functionality, businesses using OrderWise Sales Order Processing can now benefit from further flexibility in how they build their sales orders. By using this new variant filter, businesses with taking fast-paced telesales can allowing staff to very quickly and easily build their sales orders.

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