Real-Time Stock Situation Updates For Skipped Picks

Mobile WMS DevicesBusinesses are always looking to improve warehouse operations, ensuring daily processes are kept streamlined, accurate stock levels are maintained and orders fulfilled quickly. By implementing effective barcode scanning technology into the warehouse, companies can benefit from picking and managing stock in the fastest, most accurate way possible, ensuring each consignment is always correctly picked, packed and shipped so customers are kept happy.

Fast hht workingHowever, when a picker comes across stock that isn’t readily accessible during this process, problems can arise. Stock may appear to be damaged, missing or blocked off by warehouse apparatus, which would require the status of the bin to be updated, a discrepancy logged and the pick line to be reassigned to another pick. Although this is a structured method of responding to these situations, if businesses have Wi-Fi access available, it provides the opportunity for this data to be updated in real time, cut out the middle man and get orders out quicker.

Gain Greater Control With Live Warehouse Data

OrderWise already offers an effective solution of handling and logging bin discrepancies, however a new enhancement has been added in version 11.12 of OrderWise. Users with Wi-Fi access can now benefit from live alternative stock locations when skipping a pick to ensure the fastest and most optimised way of working. When a bin is skipped, OrderWise will reallocate stock from recently arrived stock or stock in another bin, assign it to the current pick in walk route order and direct the picker to this alternative location.

Warehouse WorkingIn addition, OrderWise has also introduced a valuable new system setting that will force users to scan a bin or input a bin number before skipping a pick line on a mobile device. By enabling this setting, this facilitates the recording of inaccessible stock so businesses can gain much greater control on stock situations in real-time, as the Mobile Device user must input data to update OrderWise when skipping a specific line.

This intuitive new feature allows warehouse operations to be kept streamlined and fast paced, reducing the costs of additional staff or overtime. Users now have the ability to receive instant and up-to-date stock information when out in the warehouse collecting the assigned order. By cutting out the middle man, your business will dramatically increase picking speed and accuracy, enabling warehouse staff to spend time more productively.

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