Simpler Creation Of Messages to Prompt Staff Based on Items Added to Orders

Stock thumbBusinesses will often strive to find the best methods to ensure profits are maximised at both ends of the supply chain. One of the simplest and most effective ways of achieving this is by prompting staff of questions to ask, products to offer or points to consider when raising purchase or sales orders based on the items being added to the order. This enables businesses to easily outline certain procedures that will help to ensure the best deals are struck with suppliers, all sales opportunities are fully capitalised and damages/returns are kept reduced.

These messages can be used for a variety of reasons such as warning about how the item should be handled or shipped, promoting current offers, cross selling or even prompting additional questions to ensure the correct item has been ordered. While in many cases these messages will be added and updated on an individual basis as and when required, certain messages may require more consistent or mass maintenance. A common example of this could be due to offers or requirements for offers changing regularly or if a new product line is introduced into a promotion and other records need updating as a result.

Import Variant MessageFast, Accurate Importation Of Messages

Within OrderWise, businesses already have the ability to create messages to store against the variant record to appear either when adding a purchase order or a sales order, with the option for stored messages to be shown together or individually. Now in version 9.12 of OrderWise, a new import option has been added to allow variant messages to be added to OrderWise en-masse. Users simply add a message and title with the option to state how and when the message should be displayed.

With this new import variant messages option OrderWise users are provided with a huge timesaver, ensuring any updates or new variant messages are always easily and efficiently added into OrderWise.

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