Ship on the Go! New shipping functionality on the OrderWise HHT Mobile Device

OrderWise HHT Mobile DeviceThe OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices already offer an outstanding range of functionality, providing companies with efficient and accurate tool for a whole range of warehouse management tasks.  Users can take full advantage of bar code technology combined with flexible wireless operation to maximise productivity throughout the warehouse.  (Find out more in our previous blogs)

OrderWise Mobile Warehouse Barcode HHTOne of the HHT Mobile Device modules many businesses find can provide the greatest impact in increasing accuracy and efficiency is Picking.  Using either standard HHT Picking or Tote Picking, users are able to have picks sent directly to their HHT device and are sent by the best walk route to pick orders.  Once the picks have been completed they are then sent wirelessly back to the main system for any final packing and shipping tasks to be completed.

Auto Ship following pick completion

The OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices have seen a significant amount of new features and functionality added over recent releases and the 2014 v9.3 release sees the addition of being able to Ship, providing users with even faster and more efficient ways of handling picking and despatch operations.

This new development is activated via Mobile Device User Group settings and will require other documentation output settings to be correctly configured to ensure relevant outputs are processed along with the installation and setup of a new data service file.  Once configured, when a user has completed a pick on the HHT Mobile Device and sends this back to the main system, the order is Auto Shipped, required documentation will be printed, invoice generation requested and any courier integration associated with the delivery is also handled.

OrderWise HHT Mobile ShippingThis new HHT Shipping functionality will currently be an ideal solution for companies using Tote Picking and picking into final packaging material or those that only require one parcel per order.

Existing HHT users interested in taking advantage of this new functionality can contact us for more information and to assist with any setup requirements.  OrderWise users can find more detail on the HHT Mobile devices by visiting the OrderWise Online Shop or contacting their Project Team.

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For more information on OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices watch our videos or download the brochure.  Anyone wishing to experience a more hands on demonstration of the OrderWise HHT Mobile Device are able to take advantage of the training warehouse we have at our premises.

To discuss your requirements in more detail contact us today on 01522 704083.

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