Several New Additions To eBay Listings

Marketplace IntegrationFor businesses and independent traders selling items that come in numerous different variations through eBay, finding the best way to manage these listings effectively can be quite a challenge. Although sellers require a solution which will help make listing efficient and also streamline handling to ensure that volumes of variation listings are kept to a minimum, there are other factors that also need to be considered. With eBay being such a highly competitive marketplace, it is important that any eBay management tool enables the seller to have all their listings stand out from the crowd once they have been created to assist them in getting noticed by any potential customers.

One of the biggest additions to our software so far this year, July saw the release of OrderWise eBay Listings to use alongside our already comprehensive eBay Integration Suite. Regardless of the scope in which a business is trading through eBay, whether it’s through one trading account on one eBay site or multiple accounts on multiple eBay sites, OrderWise is able to provide a user-friendly, efficient and fully integrated solution to manage all aspects of eBay trading from start to finish. You can read more about our eBay Listings tool HERE.

Now adding to existing functionality that includes the ability to create product templates, gather estimated fees and list or relist as many items as necessary across numerous different eBay sites, version 10.8 of OrderWise sees several more highly useful new features added.

different colour clothesVariation Product Listings

For any business selling products that come in different size, colour and any other variations on eBay, it is important that these items are listed effectively. In particular, sellers need to ensure that potential customers are made aware of all the different product options available so that sales are not lost from customers simply not being aware that their desired variation is available. Therefore to avoid sales being lost in this manner and to ensure listing volumes are kept manageable, eBay traders should always include product variation options where required on their listings.

To help manage this, a fantastic new enhancement has been made this month so that OrderWise now supports listing products on eBay that contain variations of the same item. Fast and easy to setup, users can create the different option types, for example a colour variation, along with all of the different variations available against this, e.g red, blue, yellow, green, etc.  There is also the ability to link an image against the variation, which could be a picture of the item in the colour the option is referencing.

eBay Listings

Up to 4 different product options can be applied to a product, with users simply determining which options to use against a product type and then setting the option value against each variation. For example this could be colour, leg length, waist size and cut style against a pair of jeans. One of these variations would be flagged as the main listing variation and it is this item from which the information for the eBay listing is taken. Once configured, the eBay listing screen would display the details for the main listing item with all of the associated variations that are also linked.  These items can then be easily listed and managed as normal.

With the addition of this new functionality, businesses using OrderWise are able to benefit from fast, simple and structured handling of variation listings on eBay. By utilising this tool to ensure customers are made aware of all available variations for a product, businesses can ensure that sales are always fully maximised.

ebaySecondary Category against an eBay Listing

When listing items on eBay, businesses can often struggle to choose under which product category to list their items. Often traders will find when listing their items on eBay that there are in fact a number of categories that are relevant to the item they are listing and therefore they face a dilemma as to which is the right one to choose and give their product the most exposure. However depending on the item and for an additional fee, eBay does allow businesses to select a secondary product category to be chosen for a listing in order to ensure it receives maximum visibility.

To provide businesses managing their eBay Listings through OrderWise with the flexibility to utilise this option, an enhancement has been made to now specify a secondary category against an eBay listing within OrderWise.

eBay2Import existing eBay Listings

The final new addition is a new import designed to make things simple for businesses looking to manage their eBay listings within OrderWise moving forward by very quickly and easily importing all their existing eBay listings into OrderWise en-masse. This allows users to setup any templates that they will be using and then efficiently assigning the required information against the items ready for them to relisted and managed.

With the addition of these three new features, businesses using OrderWise to manage their eBay Listings can benefit from even further efficiency and flexibility when looking to list a diverse range of products in multiple variations.

To get an idea of how your business can benefit from using OrderWise eBay Listing in-conjunction with our eCommerce Module and eBay Integration Suite, why not give us a call today or arrange a demonstration HERE.

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