Set Maximum Build Quantities And Retain Serial Traceability With OrderWise Manufacturing

OrderWise Manufacturing ModuleFor companies that manufacture their own products, finding the most efficient and effective way to navigate through the complicated processes can be quite a challenge. Each manufactured item will often pose their own considerations based on the size of the build, the amount of stock required and the number of sub-assemblies needed for completion.

Along with these more item-specific aspects of a build, businesses also need to ensure more common manufacturing limitations aren’t overlooked when generating works orders. Businesses will find that most manufactured items will involve an element of manual labour, the use of equipment or a combination of both when being built. With staff, tools and machinery all carrying their own limited capabilities and capacities, it is important that workloads are carefully managed based on the amount of exertion involved, as this will often vary depending on the size of the item and the intricacy of the build.

In order to ensure builds do not exceed physical limitations that may result in equipment becoming damaged and compromise staff safety, companies should ensure that appropriate maximum build limits are put in place.

9819 - Variant Revision FormRetain Full Serial Traceability of Components

Aside from practical precautions over staff and equipment, there are further benefits to be obtained through placing boundaries on the number of items in each build. For many manufacturers end-to-end traceability is essential, with businesses wanting to know exactly which traced components have been used to build which items. In many cases there will be multiple components being used to create the new manufactured product, each of which could have its own serial number. A new serial number will need creating for the manufactured products whilst still retaining full serial traceability of the components used to make it.

However maintaining this full traceability can become increasingly difficult when large volumes of manufactured products sharing the same components are being built at once, with staff unable to accurately record which components went into which finished items. Therefore by restricting the amount of items that can be built at any one time and splitting the demand across multiple works orders instead, manufacturers can ensure that full serial traceability is retained.

9819 - Manual WO Creation Build per qty warning 2Ensure Staff Safety By Setting Maximum Quantities Per Build

The OrderWise Manufacturing module already provides users with the ability to control and manage their production efficiently, ensuring all costs and completed processes are accurately recorded. However in version 9.7, a new feature now allows users to set maximum quantities per build against each of their manufacturing revisions and sub-assemblies.

This feature applies to full works orders and will ensure that when creating works orders, users will only be able to type in a build quantity up to the selected revision maximum build quantity.

Manage Works Order Demand With The To Manufacture Report

9819 - To Manufacture ReportWhen the To Manufacture Report is run, demand generated by sales orders and stock level requirements will be split out according to create works orders up to the maximum quantity per build. If the system setting to create a works order on sales order save is enabled, then multiple works orders will be created depending on the maximum build quantity.

When the quantity required is higher than the maximum quantity per build multiple works orders will be created as a result. For example, if there is demand for 100 of a revision but the max build quantity for that revision is 10, then 10 separate works orders for 10 will be created.

By enabling users to set maximum quantities per build, businesses using OrderWise Manufacturing can ensure manufacturer workload is effectively managed, equipment capabilities are handled correctly and full serial traceability of individual components through to completed build is retained.

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