Deliver Swift Point Of Sale Service To Your Trade Account Customers


In busy trade counter environments, it’s important for businesses to ensure operations are kept as streamlined as possible.

Without processes in place to easily find customer accounts, businesses can find handling trade purchases becomes arduous as more time is spent manually searching for a particular customer account. This longer processing time can result in slower customer service, which in turn can reduce the rate of sales as satisfaction levels and patience amongst queuing customers starts to decline. When this problem arises, businesses can find themselves employing more staff and investing more money to compensate for the extra time needed to try to maintain stScanning Card 350pxaff productivity.

Therefore where account customers are purchasing items, the process can be sped up by having a quick and easy method of pulling up the relevant customer account up so that a sale can be made with the minimal amount of manual keying of information.

Scan & Serve Customers For Rapid Trade Order Processing

This month’s OrderWise release sees a brand new feature added to our Store EPOS system which means customers with a barcoded ‘trade card’ can simply present their card at the point of sale to be scanned by the EPOS user and the relevant account will be brought up, allowing for a speedy transaction to be processed. Multiple cards can be assigned to individuals under a customer account and, upon scanning a card, both the account and the individual’s details will be pulled through to the EPOS system, providing flexibility in use and full visibility of all sales.

Through this new feature, OrderWise EPOS users can ensure fast, effective point of sale service is delivered every time, allowing sales to be maximised and high levels of customer satisfaction to be maintained.

More information on the OrderWise Store EPOS can be found HERE.

To discuss your requirements in detail, please contact our Client Account Management team on 01522 704083.