September 2015 Newsletter Out Now

September Newsletter thumb imageThe OrderWise September 2015 Newsletter is now available to read here.

In this month’s issue, we highlight some of the great new features added in version 10.9 of OrderWise including a brand new picking method, several new additions to Stock Replenishments and the ability to now be able to easily switch opportunity tracks within CRM. Also included in this month’s newsletter is a brand new customer case study from our good friends at Party Showroom and we also take a look at why you should be implementing the use of GS1 Barcodes into your business sooner rather than later.

You can read all about this in our latest blogs.

The new developments featured in this month’s newsletter are:

  • Faster Despatch Of Small Orders With Batch Picking – Each business will have their own method which is the best way for them to pick stock ready for order fulfilment, with OrderWise already offering a diverse range of ways for users to handle the despatch process both in-system and using our Mobile WMS Devices. Now Version 10.9 of OrderWise sees the introduction of a brand new picking method which allows Mobile WMS Device users to efficiently pick numerous orders containing single or just a few lines. Read More >>
  • Enhanced Management Of Stock Replenishments With New Additions – Designed for use with OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, the OrderWise Stock Replenishment module enables businesses to keep pick faces topped up with stock from bulk stock bins so that maximum picking efficiency can continue to be achieved at all times. Now in version 10.9 of OrderWise, three new features have been added to this module to enable further comprehensive management of this essential warehouse process. Read More >>
  • Greater Control With Two New Additions To Sales – With OrderWise Sales, businesses are provided with a comprehensive suite of functionality that makes sure sales orders are always handled accurately and efficiently, regardless of the sales channel from which they originate. Now in version 10.9 of OrderWise, two great new features have been made to OrderWise Sales to further increase the accuracy and control available to users, including the ability to restrict customers from buying certain items through the use of buying lists. Read More >>
  • New Feature To Change Tracks Within CRM – Many businesses will commonly operate with multiple different CRM tracks active at once to accommodate for the different processes involved in closing sales opportunities depending on the department or channel from which they originated. However this means occasionally opportunities can be erroneously placed on the wrong track. To counteract this, a new feature has been added to OrderWise CRM to allow users to easily switch opportunities over to new tracks. Read More >>
  • Four New Enhancements Made To OrderWise Purchasing – OrderWise Purchasing provides businesses with a solution that ensures the right goods, in the right quantities are always ordered on time. Businesses can automatically identify their stock demands across all key areas, take into account sales, future forecasted demands and more. Now extending the functionality available within this module, four enhancements have been added for even easier management of purchasing activities. Read More >>
  • OrderWise Is Officially Windows 10 Compatible – Currently free of charge to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, Windows 10 has already proved massively popular with many businesses across the country as many have already chosen to upgrade their computers to this new operating system. To cater for this ongoing switch over, this month OrderWise has passed Microsoft’s rigorous compatibility tests to become an officially certified Windows 10 compatible product. Read More >>

This month’s feature articles:

  • Major Brands & Organisations Are Turning To GS1 Barcodes And You Should Be Too –  A lot has been made in recent months about the importance of GS1 Barcodes in helping businesses to maximise accuracy and efficiency levels within their daily processes. In this article, we take a detailed look into the impact of GS1 Barcodes and how large companies turning to this technology for setting industry standards could affect your business. Read More >>
  • Customer Case Study: Party Showroom – Founded in the early 90s, Party Showroom started out as balloon decorators for weddings and parties before moving into online retail in the early 2000s, which is where they have been focussing their business for the last 10 years. Read in this case study how OrderWise has been able to help Party Showroom gain better management of their purchasing activities, streamline their daily processes and continue to assist their business moving forward. Read More >>

Staff News:

  • Come Visit Us At Upcoming Trade Shows! – This month we were out exhibiting at Autumn Fair, speaking to lots of new and famiilar faces about the benefits of using OrderWise to manage business operations. In October we will be heading back out on the road with our transportable warehouse and we would love to see you at one of the upcoming trade shows where we will be exhibiting to discuss with you how OrderWise can help to streamline your daily processes. Read More >>
  • Four New Members Of Staff Join OrderWise – Here at OrderWise, our team has continued to grow since the start of the year with our staff resources expanded to keep in line with the increasing demand for our software and services. To help cater for the further influx of businesses across the UK and Ireland who are coming on board with OrderWise, four more new members of staff have joined the company. Read More >>